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M Liptrot
30th July 2013, 11:44
During WW2 my uncle William Heaher was a gunner in 90 squadron. He and his crew were killed on 23rd April 1944 when their Stirling was shot down near Mortefontaine, northern France. I've found information relating to the operation that my uncle and his crew were involved in when they were killed but I would like to find out what other operations he was involved in. Does anyone know where I would find this information? I would also very much like to see a photograph of my uncle and his crewmen - any ideas would be most welcome.
Thank you
M Liptrot

30th July 2013, 14:44
Welcome to the RAF Forum.

There are two ways you can make your research:

1. post details about your uncle on this Forum - some members should have additional information for you.
2. details about your uncle sorties can be found in Operation Record Books held in The National Archive, Kew, London so you can visit the readers room to check the ORBs of 90 Sq or you can order ORBs for months you are interested in online via their website http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/records/raf-operations-record-books.htm