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17th August 2013, 16:30

Hoping that someone can supply a full service history of Mustang IV KM622, from A-B Serial Vol. After unit/s, particularly.

l have details from Baugher.

Col. (GCDG)

phill jones
17th August 2013, 16:49
Hi Col

As requested , Mustang IV KM 622, 158 SP Ferry Sect , Crashed after Control Lost in Cloud , Kargulia 19/8/45 .

THAT IS IT from AB RAF Aircraft KA100-KZ999

Rgs Phill Jones

17th August 2013, 17:08
Hello Phill,

Information most appreciated.

The pilot of KM622 was 103594 F/L (Pilot) Gerald Charles Duncan GREEN MiD RAFVR. He is buried in Ranchi War Cemetery, India. 3.K.9. 158 Staging Post was at Alipore, India, and what does RAFFT&SU(I)/280 say? Aircraft of Ferry Flight - Mustang IV (KM622)!

Thanks, Mate.


phill jones
17th August 2013, 17:58
Col , i wonder if this is the same pilot , a GCD GREEN was serving with 222 Sqd during 1944 , in fact on the 8/6/44 this pilot Dam a FW190 in the Caen Area while flying a Spitfire ?

Phill Jones

Cummings Book "The Price of Peace " has more on this Incident F/L GCD Green was the section leader of 4 A/C in a formation of eight , they were flying at 6000 ft when Cloud was entered and were then flying on Instruments , as suggested the Pilot of KM 622 lost Control and dived into the ground ,KM 631 was also lost but no record exisits that there was a Mid Air Coll .

W/O Denys Mitchell was lost in KM 631

Source The Price of Peace by Colin Cummings .

17th August 2013, 18:14

Yes, l think it is the same F/L G C D Green, he was flying Spitfire IX MK799:ZD-K.

Thanks for the extract from "The Price of Peace"/Colin Cummings, that was my next question! 1338666 W/O (Pilot) Denys MITCHELL RAFVR, is mentioned on the same page of my reference as the pilot of Mustang IV KM631 - so that checks out . No mention of a mid-air collision. Oddly, Mitchell's unit is mentioned as No.356 Sqn!

Can anyone access The Imperial War Museum's Photo - CH11734? Would be a great help.


24th February 2018, 19:06
Crashed after Control Lost in Cloud , Kargulia 19/8/45 .

Dear Phill and Col

Denys was one of my mother's third cousins. I am one of the family historians, in the extended family of which Denys and my mother are part, and I was just trying to get a handle on the word Kargulia. The only references, to Kargulia, on Google today, is this blog, and a modern picture annotation which refers to a Kargulia in Iraq. I know that Denys is buried at Ranchi, not overly far from Alipore, so it seems strange to me that if he died in an incident in Iraq, why would he then be buried in India. Maybe the Kargulia relevant to Denys just doesn't exist anymore, so that is why I cannot find it on modern maps. Clarification would be welcome, please.

Col - I also wondered whether you could clarify your reference to the Imperial War Museum's Photo - CH11734. It would really be nice to get a picture of KM 631, or a similarly marked RAF Mustang Mk IV, but I have not been successful through my Google image searching.

I look forward to hearing back from you both.

Best regards

Philip Hunt
Bendigo, Victoria

24th February 2018, 20:44
Hello Phillip,

Firstly, welcome to RAFCommands.

My mention of Imperial War Museum photo CH11734 relates to the entry for presentation Spitfire Vc (Trop) JG930 "SPIRIT OF MARTI", in the following reference:

Gifts Of War Spitfires and other Presentation Aircraft in Two World Wars.
Boot,Henry & Ray Sturtivant
Tonbridge:Air Britain (Historians),2005

The authors make mention of F/O G.C.D. Green, thus: "IWM Photo CH11734 with Flg Off G.C.D. Green of Wokingham, Berks.", obviously referring to a photo in the IWM Collection of Spitfire Vc JG930, with F/O Green in the same shot. So no direct connection to Mustang KM622/631, other than Green.