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2nd September 2013, 10:17

Some time back, 2008 in fact, l purchased a copy of Chris Ward and Steve Smiths', 3 Group Bomber Command:An Operational Record. Barnsley:Pen & Sword,2008. 319 pp. l was quite pleased with the contents. Just recently on the net, l spotted another copy of the same title, but with a Halifax on the dust jacket. On checking out the contents, l found that it was a later edition, namely, 2009, of 356 pages, a difference of 37 pp over the previous edition!

Can someone tell me how the publisher's have described the 2009 edition? Is it a reprint, a 2nd, rev. ed., or what? And why the large difference in the page count, have l missed something?

l consider the book a valuable resource, but what, if anything, has been added to the 2009 edition to account for the page count discrepancy?

Comments appreciated.


6th September 2013, 20:36
Hi Col

Are you sure the one you saw was on 3 Group: they didn't use Halifaxes did they?

It wasn't about 4 Group or 6 Group was it? That would make more sense.

I've got 3 of this series: "3 Group" has a Stirling on the front cover, "5 Group" a Hampden, and "6 Group" a Wellington.

Looking on Amazin', they also show the "6 Group" one, but with a Hali on the front instead.

Just a thought.



6th September 2013, 21:42

l know where you're coming from re equipment, but.....


l see you picked up on the different dust wrapper on the 6 Group Vol. Luckily, l purchase a lot of my books from a local Military Bookshop, where you see the actual item, before you buy!