View Full Version : For Your Tomorrow by Errol Martyn

4th September 2013, 15:38
I have the complete set of three books by Errol. The books cover all incidents where an RNZAF or New Zealand born casualty was involved and the 3rd book has potted biographies of each persons service career. I am happy to do look ups should anyone want :)

5th September 2013, 07:33
Errol is a member of this forum and is quite genourous with quotes from his own books which he no doubt took a great deal of time and effort to research.

Unless the new management think otherwise if course.

5th September 2013, 13:23
Brilliant. Much better if Errol answers. Couldnt find anything when I did the search :)

5th September 2013, 16:37
I agree. Errol has been very generous in responding to queries. I suggest that in cases where the authors are members of this board, the queries should be directed to them.

In other cases we should follow the guidelines given in the Copyright-Sources thread

Ross has set some great guidelines in terms of copyright, commercial posts, etc.. and we should stick to that.

5th September 2013, 16:52
Strange that Dee, since you posted the same message a few weeks back and Ross told you the very same thing and presumably deleted the post. Google search within the forum for Martyn or Erroll or FYT or the book title, I'm sure you will find many many of his posts.