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22nd September 2013, 08:13

My father, who was in 7 Squadron on Short Stirlings at Oakington during WWII wrote about his war time experiences. He was an air-gunner and after being shot down over Holland was taken to Luft Stalag III first of all. He was also on the Long March. The book was published earlier this year in both paperback and digital format.

I wondered if I would be given permission to give details and the title on this forum.

Thank you.

22nd September 2013, 12:06
Hi Gilly,
welcome aboard. Please feel free to add to this thread title + details (covering the period covered etc.) about the book you mentioned, I am pretty sure it might be interesting for some other members.


22nd September 2013, 12:38
Thank you, Pavel,

Alan has already replied to encourage me to post it on stirlingaircraftsoc.raf38group - but I'll flag it up here, too.

The first chapter is a little about his early life from 1922 to the early years of the war. The main chapters outline his joining up, training at Lossiemouth and various other places and his posting to Oakington. He writes about his time there and the operations flown, along with various other chaps and incidents that occurred. It also covers the night he was shot down and what happened in Holland. His incarceration in Stalag Luft III mentions aspects of his life there and the folk who were with him, his time at other camps (Heydekrug, Thorn and Fallingbostel), the long march including getting shot at by RAF Typhoons and getting home. Finally, he covers the post-war period until his de-mob in 1948.

The title: 'Of Stirlings and Stalags: an air-gunner's tale' by WE 'Bill' Goodman available as a paper back from Lulu Publishers for 8-99 and from Amazon as an e-book for 2-99 (or their dollar/euro equivalents).

If anyone is interested and does buy a copy, I'd be very grateful if folk would go back to the website and leave a feedback comment. Thank you.