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30th September 2013, 15:25
Hi All,

Bill Chorley has switched to Classic Publications and released the 2nd Edition of his RAF Bomber Command Losses Vol 1.


The headlines are that it now covers prewar losses from 1936 to 1939 as well. Also instead of separate volumes for OTU and misc units these are now included in this volume for losses up to end Dec 1940.

Amazon are offering the new edition at 13.20 instead of the rrp of 20.


Andy Fletcher
30th September 2013, 15:49
Hi Ross,

Do you know if 3 PRU losses will be included in Vol II.

Best Regards

Andy Fletcher

1st October 2013, 10:07
Hi Andy,

here is the answer from the author - which is addressed more to you than to me:)

"Yes; I am pleased you brought this to my attention for I had overlooked the formation of 3 PRU on at Oakington on 16 November 1940"


Andy Fletcher
1st October 2013, 10:17
Thanks for that Pavel, I always thought the omission of 3 PRU losses from the first series was most uncharacterist of the usually meticulous author.

Best Regards

Andy Fletcher

20th November 2013, 08:14
Got my copy yesterday which unfortunately will have to go back as the cover's damaged.

While it's got loads more detail and information in it than the original, and Bill Chorley has obviously done lots more work on it, I must say I was rather disappointed with the new layout which is much less clear than the old Midland Counties version. Print comes very close to the page edges, entries are split half way through and spread onto the next page ...

So, many thanks again to Mr C, but Classic 'could do better'.

Just my opinion.


3rd January 2014, 06:37
Well this comprehensive book is a fully updated and expanded edition of the hugely popular Royalwhich was Air Force Bomber Command Losses of the Second World War Volume 1 1939-40 first published in 1992.

11th January 2014, 10:34
Just wondering if anyone who has compared 1st issue with 2nd. I have the first edition and considering getting the 2nd for the updates ... Is there enough new content to justify ?? I am not interested in the pre war entries so that is not a factor ... And I also have the first editions of the training units books so the inclusion of these is again not really a consideration, I guess a lot of new information on the entries has come to light in the intervening years and it is this content that will be the deciding factor.

Thanks in advance


24th January 2014, 14:07
Hi Mark,
well it is hard to say... I have not the 1st edition but I know it.
From my point of view in the 2nd edition the main difference is in the additional information in the story - I suppose only in case when something new appears and much more details about the individual Officers - for each one if known is mentioned when he was killed afterwards, his final rank and other few details.
Unfortunately I have to agree fully with Ian - the layout of the 2nd edition could be better.



1st February 2014, 18:11
Thanks for you reply Pavel,

still leaves me undecided !..i think i am going to have to try and get to have a look at an actual copy to have a look for myself.

Bit disconcerting that the format of the book is poor ... you would have thought that in what is essentially a reference book,the page layout would have been of prime importance !

Thanks again

12th September 2014, 04:55
Does the reprint/update of Vol 1 mean that the other Vol's will also be updated as well?