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Henk Welting
17th April 2008, 16:31
What caused the death of and/or what were the places of death registration for:

F/Sgt Ernest F. BISHOP - 510764, name not found in Flight archives, and

ACW1 Carol W. LAWRY - 886111 - killed on active service.

Proposed aircraft losses for this day:

Magister I - P2392 - 607 Sqn - crashed on take-off Sherburn-in-Elme
Oxford I - P8828 - RAFC - crashed in forced landing at night near Ripon, Yorkshire.

Regards and thanks for your help.

17th April 2008, 17:49
Hi Henk,
Nothing in the 607 Squadron ORB for any of these...no air crash either.

Best Wishes.

17th April 2008, 19:04
Hi Henk
Bishop,39 is registered at Sheppey which could mean Eastchurch. Carol Lawry,37 is registered at Eastbourne in Sussex

17th April 2008, 19:33
Bishop is reported as Killed on Active Service in The Times

Henk Welting
18th April 2008, 11:44
Thanks friends for your reaction.

Rich Allenby
16th September 2008, 21:44
Henk, another which doesn't clear up your query but the pilot of Oxford R8828 RAFC was one LAC James Quinn RAF 968367. I have a note that it struck a tree on high ground whilst attempting a force landing in bad weather, flying solo. Why he was so far from Cranwell is not known.

His career after this incident is not known.

regards Rich Allenby

20th September 2017, 12:18

F/Sgt Ernest F. BISHOP - 510764 - the Grave Registration Report records him as being with 20 E.F.T.S.

ACW1 Carol W. LAWRY - 886111 - the Eastbourne Herlad of October 12th 1940 rported the following:

Seriously injured in one of the Nazi bombing raids on Eastbourne on Tuesday, Miss Carol Winifred Lowry, aged 31 years, died in hospital the folowing morning. It was during the afternoon in the first of three attacks on the town that Miss Lowry received her fatal injuries.
Another young woman, Miss Pamela Beardmore, aged 17 years, was also injured.
The attack, which was upon a shopping area, was delivered with a number of high explosive bombs and an oil incendiary, and there was considerable damage to property.



22nd January 2021, 23:10
Charles Frederick Blyth 907481 died in the Norwich and Norfolk hospital of injuries sustained the previous day when returning from leave. His motorcycle collided with a motorcycle combination ridden by privste J Morton of the Royal Scots Fusileers at Brockdish

7th May 2021, 23:01
Lawry 886111 attached to RAF Kenley

Alex Smart
29th April 2022, 22:03

401009 - Unaccounted Airmen - 09-10-1940

From Henk's List -

LAWRY, Carol Winifred - ACW1c - 886111 - WAAF.
Eastbourne (Ocklynge) Cemetery, Sussex.
Died in Hospital the morning after the Air Raid on Eastbourne.

BISHOP, Ernest Frederick - Ff/Sgt - 510764 - RAF.
Leys Down (St. Clement) Churchyard, Kent .
Killed whilst defusing an enemy bomb at RAF Eastchurch.

BLYTH, Charles Frederick - AC1c - 907481 - RAFVR - 110 Sqn.
Withersdale (St.Mary Magdalene) Churchyard, Suffolk.
Returning from leave was involved in a motorcycle collision and died in the Norwich and Norfolk hospital the following day.

From CWGC -

ASPINALL, William Moore - Lac - 402271 - RAAF - 6 EFTS.
Macquarie Park Cemetery and Crematorium, New South Wales, Australia.
Died as a result of an aircraft accident at Tamworth.

HADLEY, Ronald Arnold (New Zealander) - P/O - 79511 - RAFVR.
Great Bircham (St.Mary) Churchyard, Norfolk.
HALL, George Edgar - Sgt - 900575 - RAFVR.
Mortlake Cemetery, Surrey.
PHILLIPS, Richard Arthur - P/O - 79756 - RAFVR.
Southchurch ( Holy Trinity) Churchyard, Essex.
RAMSAY, James Munro - Sgt - 533261 - RAF.
Cottingham Cemetery, Yorkshire.
WRIGHT, Charles Austin - Sgt - 740280 - RAFVR.
Kettering (London Road) Cemetery, Northamptonshire.
These five airmen were crew of Whitley V - T4137 - 58 Sqn.

BROWN, George William - Sgt - 566550 - RAF.
Seaton Hirst(St.John) Churchyard, Northumberland.
COTTHAM, Cleveland - Sgt - 637463 - RAF.
MACMORLAND, William Goodall - Sgt - 751459 - RAFVR.
These two airmen rest at Topcliffe Church Cemetery, Yorkshire.
WARDMAN, Joseph Reginald - Sgt - 938888 - RAFVR. Hull Western Cemetery, Yorkshire.
HADINGHAM, David Arthur Charles - Midshipman (A) - HMS Daedalus- RN.
SAnderstead (All Saints) Churchyard Extension, Surrey.
The five airmen named above were all crew of Whitley V - P5091 - 77 Sqn.

LOUD, George - Sgt - 748537 - RAFVR.
Hawkwell (St Mary)Churchyard, Essex.
Hurricane I - L1977 - 5 OTU.

KEEL, George Ernest - Sgt - 751079 - RAFVR.
Portsmouth (Highland Road) Cemetery, Hampshire.
THOMAS, Richard Ceredig - P/O - 82731 - RAFVR.
Cardiff (Cathays) Cemetery , Glamorganshire.
The two airmen named above were crew of Blenheim IV - N3530 - 235 Sqn.

KIRKPATRICK, James Charles - P/O - 81630 - RAFVR.
Blenheim IV - N3530 - 235 Sqn.
WARREN, Stanley - Sgt - 754879 - RAFVR.
Hurricane I - V7376 - 1 Sqn.
The two airmen named above are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial, Surrey.

Cannock Chase German Military Cemetery, Staffordshire.
Cause of death ?


30th April 2022, 00:51


ASPINALL, William Moore - LAC - 402271 - RAAF - 6 EFTS.

402271 LAC (Trainee Pilot) William Moore ASPINALL RAAF, of No.6 Elementary Flying Training School, Tamworth, New South Wales, was killed when Tiger Moth A17-59 stalled and crashed at 0930, on the Manilla road, 11 miles from Tamworth, on 9 October, 1940. LAC Aspinall was on a solo cross-country training flight. The aircraft stalled from approximately 50 feet, allowing no time for Aspinall to escape from the aircraft which burst into flames and was totally destroyed. He died from shock and suffocation.


Andy Marden
30th April 2022, 11:38
From the Kracker Archive, Lt Josef Eberle was shot down by a Spitfire of 41 Sqn over Kent, and ditched 10 miles off Dover. His body was washed ashore near Harwich on 26 October 1940.

20th October 2022, 20:20
Ernest Frederick Bishop 510764 , a armourer attached to RAF Eastchurch,was 23 feet down a shaft which had been dug to reach an unexploded 1000KG bomb at RAF Eastchurch 50 feet from the railway line when the bomb exploded. Also killed were Royal Engineers 1919850 Sapper C Harbroes, 1917392 Sgt F W Soper, 1917545 Sapper E Dillon and 1919856 Sapper C F Gravitt. 1517388 Sapper G ETherington and 1580800 Sapper P B Standish were severely wounded