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Henk Welting
18th April 2008, 18:32
What caused the death of and/or what were the places of death registration for:

P/O Gilbert G. ELLIOT - 81730 - died of wounds or injuries received on active service;
Sgt Harold HASLAM - 969957 - killed on active service, and
Cpl Alec B. STONE - 844066 - 2 BC/906 Balloon Sqn, Hampstead - killed on active service.

Proposed aircraft losses for this day:

Blenheim IV - R2789 - 1 (C)OTU - crashed on approach Prestwick
Tiger Moth II - N6453 -1 EFTS - crashed in forced landing Steeple Claydon, Bucks.

Cpl Stone probably may have been an air raid casualty.

Regards and thanks for your help.

18th April 2008, 18:36
Haslam was on the Blenheim. The pilot P/O P Foster was injured, as was Sgt G Pole.


18th April 2008, 18:46
Hi Henk
Elliot,29, is registered at Chichester in Sussex. Stone, 35, is registered at Marylebone which is in N Central London and is consistent witha balloon Unit centered on Hampstead.

Henk Welting
18th April 2008, 19:34
Thanks Amrit and Dick.
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19th September 2017, 19:51

P/O Gilbert G. ELLIOT - 81730 - the National Probate Calendar records that he died at the Royal West Sussex Hospital, Chichester.



20th September 2017, 09:24

Elliot - He was staying with Lord and Lady Bessborough at Stansted House when a Heinkel He 111 crashed on the lawns. He sprinted towards it to help the crew but was mortally wounded when it exploded


20th September 2017, 10:43
Thank you Malcolm, much appreciated.



30th November 2018, 18:50
AIR81/3710 gives a different story - . which one is correct?


Pilot Officer G G Elliot: killed; aircraft accident, Auto Gyro, 5 Repair and Maintenance Unit, 10 October 1940.

30th November 2018, 22:06


The following might be of interest:

Avro Rota K4239

Delivered to Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment 23.5.35
School of Army Co-operation 30.5.35
26 Squadron 15.2.36
26 Maintenance Unit 13.2.39
Odiham 10.7.40
Special Duty Flight, Christchurch 3.9.40
5 Repair and Maintenance Unit 11.9.40
Damaged 8.12.40? Could this be 8.10.40?
74 Wing by 31.12.41
Oddy Brothers and Cull 9.6.42
1448 Flight 15.9.42
529 Squadron 15.6.43
General Aircraft Limited 23.6.44
529 Squadron 5.9.44 as KX-J
Cunliffe Owen Aircraft 5.10.44
529 Squadron
5 Maintenance Unit 12.11.45
Sold 1.8.46 to F. C. Bettison, Grantham; became G-AOIC

The K File
Halley,J J.
Tunbridge Wells:Air-Britain(Historians),1995


2nd December 2018, 18:35
Hi Col,

There is no surviving F1180 for a Rota a few days either side of the 8th Oct.

but a M(u) Cat incident was recorded on the 8th Dec for K4329 (sic) from 5 Repair and Servicing Section when F/O N S H Brown stood it on it's nose landing at Wick.

The Personnel (P4) file for Elliot is in the sequence opened on 8th Oct and lack of aircraft serial suggests a ground incident.

So the AM78 transcribed in the K file suggests that if it was K4239 then it was repaired on site without a F1180 being raised, which is possible, but given the recording a few months later of a M(u) incident points to K4239 not being involved.


Adriano Baumgartner
21st December 2018, 19:07
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13th December 2021, 14:14
Frederick Henry Greening 1260370 , was fatally wounded in an air raid at 18:44 Hours on 8 October, dying of his wounds in the Royal South Hants hospital, Southampton

Alex Smart
29th April 2022, 22:07

401010 - Unaccounted Airmen - 10-10-1940

From Henk's List -

BELL, Donald Raymond - AC1c - R/54935 - RCAF.
Sherbrooke (Elmwood) Cemetery, Quebec, Canada.
Died of wounds received when a machine gun discharged accidentally in the Armament Repair Shop.

ELLIOT, Gilbert George - P/O - 81730 - RAFVR.
Sholden (St.Nicholas) Churchyard, Kent.
Auto Gyro - 5 RMU.

GREENING, Frederick Henry - AC2c - 1260370 - RAFVR - 924 Balloon Sqn.
North Stoneham (St.Nicholas) Churchyard, Hampshire.
Fatally injured in an Air Raid on the 8th!October.

HUTTON, George William - AC1c - 937160 - RAFVR - 3FTS.
South Cerney (All Hallows) Churchyard, Gloucestershire.
Motorcycle accident.

STONE, Alec Bertie - Cpl - 844066 - RAF (AAF) - 906 Balloon Sqn.
Great Stanmore (St John) Churchyard, Middlesex.
Died of injuries sustained in an Air Raid on the Balloon site on the 6th October.

From CWGC -

CLARKE, Reginald Allen - AC1c - 10832 - RAAF.
Box Hill General Cemetery, Victoria, Australia.
Shot while at home and died of wounds while repairing agents.

ADLAM, Richard Perry - Sgt - 581196 - RAF.
Salisbury (London Road) Cemetery, Wiltshire.
BROOKER, Kenneth Angus - Sgt - 937552 - RAFVR.
Cromford (St.Mark) Churchyard, Derbyshire.
BYWATER, Maurice - P/O - 83243 - RAF (AAF).
Doncaster (Rose Hill) Cemetery, Yorkshire.
KEY, Harry - Lac - 633978 - RAF.
Ipswich Old Cemetery, Suffolk.
The four airmen named above were crew of Blenheim IV - T1881 - 107 Sqn.

ALLGOOD, Harold Henry - Sgt - 565462 - RAF.
Cambridge (St.Mark) Burial Ground, Cambridgeshire.
Hurricane I - L1928 - 253 Sqn.

BAYLEY, Edward Alan - Sgt - 741004 - RAFVR.
Bromley (St.Luke's) Cemetery, Kent.
Hurricane I - V7537 - 249 Sqn.

BUCHAN, Victor Noel - Sgt - 741153 - RAFVR.
Middlezoy (Holy Cross) Churchyard, Somerset.
KELL, Leslie Charles - AC1c - 901676 - RAFVR.
Ipswich New Cemetery, Suffolk.
Thesectwo airmen were crew of Vega Gull P.10 - X9435 - 8AACU.

DRUMMOND, John Fraser - F/O - 40810 - RAF - DFC.
Thornton Garden of Rest, Lancashire.
Spitfire Ia - R6616 - 92Sqn.

HASLAM, Harold - Sgt - 969957 - RAFVR.
Bolton (Tonge) Cemetery, Lancashire.
Blenheim IV - R2789 - 1(C)OTU.

HANZLICEK, Ottawa- Sgt - 787697 - RAFVR.
Liverpool (West Derby) Cemetery, Lancashire.
Hurricane I - L1547 - 312 (Czech) Sqn.

HLAVAC, Jaroslav (Czech) - Sgt - 747542 - RAFVR.
Warmwell (Holy Trinity) Churchyard, Dorset.
Hurricane I - P3421 - 56 Sqn.

WILLIAMS, Desmond Gordon - P/O - 41890 - RAF.
Salisbury(London Road) Cemetery, Wiltshire .
Spitfire Ia - X4038 - 92 Sqn.

CATTO, Patrick Tawse - Sgt - 758161 - RAFVR.
DAVIDSON, Kenneth McNab - Sgt - 966854 - RAFVR.
FURNESS, Roy Giffard (India) - F/O - 74673 - RAFVR.
MCDONALD, Francis George Rae - Sgt - 936241 - RAFVR.
REYNOLDS, Marcus Pete - Sgt - 747880 - RAFVR.
SHIMELLS, Kenneth - Sgt - 749466 - RAFVR.
These six airmen are all commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial, Surrey.
They were crew of Wellington Ic - P9273 - 149 Sqn.


Andy Marden
30th April 2022, 11:58
ELLIOT, Gilbert Gilbert George - P/O - 81730 - RAFVR.
Sholden (St.Nicholas) Churchyard, Kent.
Auto Gyro - 5 RMU.

This is an interesting one (BTW is there one Gilbert too many in his name?).
Looking online, I found that he died in the Royal West Sussex Hospital, Chichester.
He is described as being killed in action by one source and being fatally injured in the crash of KG 55 Heinkel He 111P-2 G1+MS on 8 October 1940.
"An RAF intelligence report states that the Heinkel was shot down by machinegun fire from a searchlight post at Lee-on-Solent and crashed in flames, killing the crew".
"Plt Off Elliott was on the staff of RAF No 60 Group Radar Support and was visiting the area. Attempting to help the Heinkel crew, he was killed by exploding ammunition."
There is apparently an account of the incident in "A Place in the Forest" by the Earl of Bessborough.

Alex Smart
30th April 2022, 12:04
Thank you Andy, My typo again��
Also the Auto Gyro must have been something to do with the detail of 5RMU which I forget where I saw that at this moment.
Many thanks