View Full Version : STEPHENSON, Lt. Colonel Arthur Kenneth Lennard 117803, Royal Artillery

22nd October 2013, 14:21
I would like to find out if there is any information relating to my Grandfather's involvement with SEAC.

Before his posting to SEAC, he was serving with amongst others, 6 Group as a Flak Officer as detailed in another thread.

Around 1943 he was promoted to Lt. Colonel and given the task of setting up an MI 15 branch in South East Asia Command. He reported first to New Delhi and was then posted to the headquarters of General Slim at Kamilla, where he was attached by him to a liberator squadron. He also served with another squadron flying with them on intelligence assignments.
Having gained experience in Burma of Japanese tactics against aircraft, he set up a branch of MI 15 at B Camp at Candy in Ceylon, sending his reports to both General Slim and Admiral Mountbatten who was at A Camp.

He then returned from Burma for more intelligence work with American B29s, flying from Karagpore over the 'hump' to bomb targets in Japan, refueling in China (Kunming and Kwelin). He returned from Burma to 35 BGH Mount Lavinia, Ceylon, suffering minor wounds and septicemia.

Finally in 1944/45 he returned to the War Offices, London and was seconded to USAF Intelligence, under General Quasado, stationed at The Pentagon. He took part in 3 flights to Guam in the Pacific in the course of the American exercise being planned for landings on the Chinese coast.

He had mentioned to me about some involvement with intelligence flights over Japan, in preparation to drop the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, however I have no details of this.

In 1946/47 he was demobilised in the UK.

I would be extremely grateful for any information relating to my grandfather and if any possibility exists, to obtain copies of logs he kept or documentation of his involvement.