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Henk Welting
19th April 2008, 15:42
What caused the death of and/or what were the places of death registration for:

F/Sgt (Pilot) William T.C. MORMAN - MiD - 560125 - killed on active service, and
F/O (Pilot) Thomas D. TROUNCER - 74264 - killed on active service.

Proposed aircraft serials for this day:

Blenheim IV - Z5964 - 4 FPP - crashed in forced landing Bradford-on-Avon road near Bath, Somerset
Hurricane I - L2003 - 6 OTU - crashed on landing Sutton Bridge
Hurricane I - L2603 - 55 OTU - crashed in forced landing between Clapton Village and Old Down Inn, Chewton Mendip, Somerset (approx. 184/6251)
Tutor I - K3293 - CFS - crashed on overshoot Marlborough LG
Whitley V - T4225 - 4 FPP - flew into high ground High Eldwick, near Bingley, Yorkshire

Regards and thanks for your help.

19th April 2008, 16:33

No answer as such to your question with regard to Trouncer, but his obituary here: http://www.archerfamily.org.uk/obituary/trouncer_td.html



19th April 2008, 16:45

Found this reference to F/Sgt Morman on rootsweb.ancestry.com and was posted by a cousin in 2002:

"To the memory of my cousin
Flt/Sgt William Morman R.A.F.
Killed in action Wednesday Oct 16 1940
over Liverpool bay.
Mentioned in Despatches.
I was very young then but he has always stuck in my thoughts.
Ron S."



Henk Welting
19th April 2008, 17:01
Thanks Leendert for this info.
Prettig weekend,

19th April 2008, 18:01
Warner states that one crew on the Blenheim was injured but doesn't name them. But no deaths by the looks of it.


19th April 2008, 19:07
Hi Henk,

I do not have a note of crew losses but:

Henley I


Engine cut and was ditched into Liverpool Bay.


Henk Welting
20th April 2008, 13:54
Thanks Amrit and Ross.
Refer to thread of Leendert; F/Sgt Morman must have been the casualty on the Henley. The serial was not in Aeromilitaria "Crashes in the UK" because the loss was over sea.

Rich Allenby
16th September 2008, 21:49

I have Trouncer as being the pilot of Whitley T4225 which crashed towards the SE end of the lump of high ground generally known as Ilkley Moor.

regards Rich

Henk Welting
31st December 2008, 15:44
Never said 'thanks' for your info on TROUNCER, and because I want to close the year 2008 properly, my thanks and regards yet go to you Rich.
Enjoy the turn of the year.

Rich Allenby
1st January 2009, 21:01
Henk, no problem at all. Anything Yorkshire related interests me and your postings have provided numerous extra bits of info in my own research and no doubt will continue to.

Likewise, all the best for the new year, regards Rich

2nd January 2009, 00:51
William T C Morman age 30 registered in Wirral District, Cheshire Q4 1940

I can't see Trouncer for the Q4 1940 or Q1 1941 EngWal register, probably a spelling error hiding it a page before or something.

Henk Welting
2nd January 2009, 10:25
Thanks Dennis and Rich for your responses.

Rich Allenby
3rd January 2009, 22:25
Henk and Dennis, i will check my info on this one as its one name I was given some years ago for the pilot of Whitley T4225 but it may turn out to be incorrect, if so my apologies.

regards Rich

6th January 2009, 20:22
I knew I'd seen the name somewhere.

From G Negus Yahoo Group, Air Force Deaths, Files:

Law Society “Book of Memory, 1939-1945”

Thomas Dowell Trouncer
Born 1906. Admitted 1931. Partner in Markby, Stewart & Wadesons, of 5 Bishopsgate, London. He was a member of the RAF Special Reserve and commissioned in 1940. Flg Off Trouncer served as a ferry pilot and was killed on active service on 16.10.40.

Henk Welting
7th January 2009, 14:03
Thanks Rich and Dennis for info on TROUNCER.

10th October 2012, 13:09
Trouncer, I'm guessing that he may be the 34 year old Thomas D TROUGHTON listed in the index under Keighley district, a miss spelling of the surname.

it might fit with Whitley V - T4225 - 4 FPP - flew into high ground High Eldwick, near Bingley, that area is within the Keighley district. http://www.ukbmd.org.uk/genuki/reg/districts/keighley.html

Alex Smart
13th May 2022, 22:18

401016 - Unaccounted Airmen - 16-10-1940

From Henk's List -


From CWGC -

CORBETT, Frank - Sgt - 618707 - RAF.
FRIEND, Kenneth Charles - Sgt - 747724 - RAFVR.
IMBER, Dennis Sydney - Sgt - 748039 - RAFVR.
ROSE, Robert Frederick - Sgt - 740263 - RAFVR.
These four airmen rest at Ambares-Et-Lagrave Communal Cemetery, Gironde, France.
They were crew of Hampden I - L4129 - 49 Sqn.

JAROSEK, Hubert - P/O - 82605 - RAFVR.
JIRSAK, Otto - Sgt - 787141 - RAFVR.
KLIMT, Karl - Sgt - 787547 - RAFVR.
LANDA, Bohumil - P/O - 82557 - RAFVR.
These four Czeck Airmen rest at Oosterwolde General Cemetery, Oldebroek, Gelderland, Netherlands.
They were crew of Wellington I - L7844 - 311(Czeck) Sqdn.

ALBRECHT, Josef - Sgt - 787410 - RAFVR.
MATOUSEK, Jaroslav - P/O - 82524 - RAFVR.
SLABY, Jaroslav - P/O - 82637 - RAFVR.
VESELY, Jan - Sqn/Ldr - 82582 - RAFVR.
ZAPLETAL, Frant - Sgt - 787242 - RAFVR.
These five Czeck Airmen rest at Pinner Cemetery, Middlesex.
They were crew of Wellington Ic - N2771 - 311(Czech) Sqn.

TROUNCER, Thomas Dowell - F/O - 74264 - RAFVR.
Kensal Green (St. Mary's) Roman Catholic Cemetery, London.
Whitley V - T4225 - 4 FPP.

DAVIES, Ronald John - P/O - 42593 - RAF.
SCOTT, Francis Colin - F/Lt - 34055 - RAF.
TISDALL, Anthony Beresford - F/O - 74693 - RAFVR.
These three airmen rest at Killead (St.Catherine) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Antrim UK.
NAYLER, Alfred Ballantine - Sgt - 553802 - RAF.
Gillingham (Woodlands) Cemetery, Kent.
THOMAS, Arthur Frederick - Sgt - 521431 - RAF.
Derby ( Nottingham Road) Cemetery, Derbyshire.
These five airmen were crew of Hudson I - T9328 - 224 Sqn.

HOWARD, Sidney John - Sgt - 566350 - RAF.
Nettleham (All Saints) Old Chapelyard, Lincolnshire.
HURST, Arthur - Sgt - 745670 - RAFVR. Upper Tean (Christ Church) Churchyard, Staffordshire.
MURRAY, Cyril - Sgt - 553919 - RAF.
St.Helens Cemetery, Lancashire.
SUMNER, Stanley Robert - Sgt - 748246 - RAFVR.
Luton General Cemetery, Bedfordshire.
TODD, Thomas Huntley - Sgt - 640677 - RAF.
Howden-Le-Wear Cemetery, Durham.
These five airmen were crew of Anson I - L7924 - 14 OTU.

CHALUPA, Jan - Sgt - 787659 - RAFVR.
Brookwood Military Cemetery, Surrey.
Hurricane I - P3143 - 310 Sqn.

DAVIES, John Alfred - Sqn/Ldr - 90212 - RAF (AAF).
Hartland (Or Stoke St.Nectan) Churchyard, Devon.
Hurricane I - P3399 - 308 Sqn.

MORMAN, William Thomas Charles - F/Sgt - 560125 - RAF - MiD.
Guiting Power (St.Michael) Churchyard, Gloucestershire.
Henley - L3316 - 1 AACU.

PEARSON Ian Forbes - Sgt - 745841 - RAFVR.
Strathmiglo Parish Churchyard, Fifeshire.
Spitfire Ia - R6714 - 65 Sqn.

FAUPEL, Heinrich - GAF.
GLAESER, Konrad - GAF.
HASS, Erich - GAF.
IRRGANG, Erhard - GAF.
SCHNAKE, Wilhelm - GAF.
STEPPAT, Gerhard - GAF.
SUHR, Guenther - GAF.
TWRDIK, Johann - GAF.
These fifteen German Airmen all rest at Cannock Chase German Military Cemetery, Staffordshire.
Cause of death ?


Andy Marden
14th May 2022, 18:29
CHALUPA, Jan - Sgt - 787659 - RAFVR.
Brookwood Military Cemetery, Surrey.
Hurricane I - P3143 - 308 Sqn.

Typo I think. This was a 310 Sqn loss.

Andy Marden
14th May 2022, 18:55
The Germans (mainly from Kracker Archive):

DOPPELFILD, Anton - GAF. >> crew of Ju88A-5 0317/4D+DM of 4./KG30, crashed near Bishops Stortford
FAEHRMANN, Rudolf - GAF. >> crew of Do17Z-3 2682/7T+LL of 3./606, crashed at Nantglyn after hitting (a balloon cable?)
FAUPEL, Heinrich - GAF. >> crew of Do17Z 2691/7T+HK, shot down over Somerset.
GLAESER, Konrad - GAF. >> crew of He111H-3 5709/1T+LK of 2./KGr126, shot down by 264 Sqn Defiant, crashed at Hutton, Essex
GUENTHER, Heinz - GAF. >> crew of He111H-5 3510/1T+JK of 2./KGr126, crashed at Shotley Point, Suffolk
HASS, Erich - GAF. >> crew of Ju88A-5 0317/4D+DM of 4./KG30
HOELSCHER, Karl - GAF. >> crew of Do17Z-3 2682/7T+LL of 3./606
IRRGANG, Erhard - GAF. >> crew of He111H-5 3510/1T+JK of 2./KGr126
KESSELS, Josef - GAF. >> crew of Ju88A-5 0317/4D+DM of 4./KG30
LOECKNITZ, Gerhard - GAF. >> crew of Do17Z-3 2682/7T+LL of 3./606
MARTIN, Hans - GAF. >> crew of He111H-5 3510/1T+JK of 2./KGr126
SCHNAKE, Wilhelm - GAF. >> crew of Do17Z 2691/7T+HK
STEPPAT, Gerhard - GAF. >> crew of Do17Z 2691/7T+HK
SUHR, Guenther - GAF. >> crew of Ju88A-5 0317/4D+DM
TWRDIK, Johann - GAF. >> crew of He111H-3 5709/1T+LK of 2./KGr126

Alex Smart
14th May 2022, 20:02
Thanks Andy, my typo I expect.
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