View Full Version : Gazette launches new Beta website

30th October 2013, 13:33
Just got a notice from the publishers of The Gazette inviting me to try out the beta version of their new website. Looks promising, but no time right now to go through it. Here's the link:


30th October 2013, 17:30
bear in mind folks, it will probably still be searching within the same PDF files that were scanned at the start, unless they rescanned everything you will still be dealing with the font type that has a number 1 identical to a capital letter I, and smudges on the page that break up names, numbers etc. the engine might have changed but the source files its looking at are probably the same.

it typical website update, make it look like a blog, if it ain't broke......

new site

old site

Same source file.

You will need to put " " around terms you want to search for exact terms.