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13th November 2013, 12:46
I wonder if the following incident

Tuesday 11 January 1938 , Gloucestershire Echo , Gloucestershire, England

Cotswold Workers White Flags Warn R.A.F. Men Of Trees During yesterday's blizzard over the Cotswolds, an R.A.F 'plane flying over the Bourton district got into difficulties and had to make a forced landing in ploughed field near the Stow-Bourton main road. The two occupants escaped injury, but the machine was damaged. For some time previous to the landing, the noise of the engine was of the engine was heard and people in the district ran out from their homes. Estate workers rushed into open fields waving white flags to warn the airmen of the airmen of the various belts of trees in their respective neighbourhoods. Then came silence, and searchers found the 'plane had landed in Mr. D. N. A. Gibbard's field. The airmen were unable to take off again owing to the damage to the machine.

Could actually be the solution to long time issue of "HIND K5555 of 12Sqn abandoned in icing conditions." for 10-Jan-38?

Can anyone ID a crew for the forced landing in Cotswolds on this date

Sean Welch
13th November 2013, 13:38
more likely to be 23 Squadron Hawker Turret Demon, K5705, that force landed and hit a hedge in a snowstorm after the engine cut out.


13th November 2013, 15:03

Maybe this Demon is one of the 'Northolt Sqn" maybe 23 Sqn that crashed "Two of them landed at Rickmansworth, one King's Langley, and one at Iver, Bucks. " in my other forum posting.. Bourton seems to far west compared with where the other ones of the Sqn ended up Herts/Bucks . ??? Any physical location for Turret Demon, K5705, ? thanks

12 sqn were at Andover


13th November 2013, 16:23
Paul - I'm sure you've checked already but as I had the 12 Sqn ORB loaded up on the PC I thought I'd check for you anyway, and there is no mention whatsoever of this loss in the ORB....

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Sean Welch
13th November 2013, 18:08
I have no location and the 23 Squadron ORB has no mention.
I would agree that it is more likely to be one of the Northolt Sqn aircraft in the news article, now that I have read it.


13th November 2013, 18:27
Slightly different description but No.57 Sqn accident is the best match for the location.

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13th November 2013, 19:11
Ross many thanks you have it ! Definately 57 Sqn Hind L7186! hind K5555 still a mystery

Ps ordered I ordered Coastal Command losses yesterday as lost my original copy!

13th November 2013, 19:18
PS photo of 23 Sqn Demon incident in Daily Express and Daily mirror

Which I will have to grab from ukpressonline the next time they have a special offer