View Full Version : Probable Errata in the RAF OR Service Numbers List

21st April 2008, 17:00
Dear All,
In the "Useful Books & Research Material" section of this Forum there is a list of RFC/RAF OR Enlistment Numbers.
Your attention is drawn to block 1820001-1830000 purportedly issued from Nov 43 at Edinburgh. We have one of our Met casualties (1821720 Sgt P G Smith, 518 Sqn, died 16 Aug 44 in a mid-air collision) who was accepted for Meteorological Air Observer (MAO) duties and went on his MAO course well before this block was, apparently, issued.
Enquiries at RAFMuseum have shown that 'Nov 43' for this block is probably a typo, and should read 'Nov 42'. RAFMuseum cannot quote an authority, but the Nov 42 date seems "highly likely".
Perhaps Ross, with his magic wand, could amend the original post? Other than that there seems no alternative than to transfer this post (after a suitable interval) to the appropriate place in "Useful Books, etc". But if the original could be amended - as seems to be reasonable - then it would save others researching ORs in this block from falling foul of what seems to be a typo - or a Scribblies error!!!!!
Peter Davies