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27th November 2013, 14:39
Hi, new here, not sure if this is the place to post this request or not.

I'm looking for photos of 136 and 615 Squadron's in India/Burma 43-45, my Grandfather flew first in 136Sqn then moved to 615 to fly a spitfire alongside his twin brother - flying KW-X on opposite shifts. I know its a long shot, but has anyone seen any photos or serial numbers from 615 Squadron Spitfire MkVc KW-X?

Any other photos and info about 615 Squadron in particular would be amazing.


27th November 2013, 15:43
Welcome to the forum, ta.

My father was with 615 Sqn (a flight sergeant working on engines) and I have a number of squadron association newsletters from the 1990s. The only good photo I see is of Mk VIII MD316 'KW-V'. I believe the association folded around ten years ago.

What were your grandfather's and his brother's names? Am happy to look through the newsletters and see if there are any references to them.



27th November 2013, 15:47
Welcome Freddo!

These look familiar?



In both instances; the AWM has quoted an incorrect service number (409957), for Alfred Albion PAYNE RAAF. It should read - 409937.


27th November 2013, 17:05
Both John and Alfred Payne flew Mk VIII MD256 KW-X.

By the way - I would love to see the Photo of MD316 KW-V.

John Engeslted

27th November 2013, 20:35
Both A Payne and J Payne appear in a 1996 association membership listing, both living in North Balwyn, Victoria.

Will read through the newsletters to see if there are any features that include them.

John: Newsletter scans of MD316 'KW-V' and' KW-B' (serial unknown) emailed.


28th November 2013, 01:06
Thankyou Col! I haven't seen those photos yet.
and thanks for the heads up w/ the service number issue

28th November 2013, 01:09
That's them, both still living there too :)

28th November 2013, 01:35
Freddie et al,

You will find a few more snaps of 615 Sqn interest here:


Bit of extraneous material, but l couldn't isolate that.

Plus these two classics:



PS. l live in an adjoining suburb in Melbourne. Also, just around the corner, is former (ex-Burma), No.152 Squadron pilot, 409218 F/L Ronald Ormond PATTERSON RAAF.


28th November 2013, 07:29
I've seen the two photos of them on their 21st birthday - I think half the time they weren't flying they were having parties.
When they arrived in North America from Australia for their training in Canada they somehow swindled their way into spending time
with Bob Hope in Chicago i think.
Grandpa says, when they arrived in Chicago each of them (a big group of trainies) got a chauffeured car and a pretty girl to show them around.

28th November 2013, 10:51
If any of you Aussies are checking out the AWM then if you search on 136 Sqn or 615 Sqn (can't remember which now) the hits include a 7 minute newsreel of the sqn. Experience with the newsreel at IWM suggests they can often be very informative and quite often suitable for extracting still photos.


29th November 2013, 10:09
Hi FforFreddie,

I might be able to help with some pictures and information for 615 Sqn. Have sent you a personal message.

regards, Drew

Ian Fahy
2nd January 2014, 23:35
Hi This is my first time on the forum. My father Frank Fahy was a pilot officer in 615 Squadron and was involved in the accident on 10th August 1944. He was flying KW-G which was one of the eight planes lost and he managed to bale out and survived with three others. Dad lived in New Zealand. He joined RNZAF in 1940 and arrived back in New Zealand in April 1945. He passed away aged 83 in 2003. I have a couple of pictures I can add in if I figure out how. I also met a Lance Wicherly after Dad's funeral and he had served in 615 as well but was not on the flight on 10th August 44.He had wonderful pictures of 615 pilots. I am trying to track him down again and hope he is still alive. He lived at Seatoun in Wellington in New Zealand. I also met Vic Milner who lived in London not far from Kew Gardens. Vic was an NCO in charge of the ground crews for 615 and I met him in 1990 and he had lots of pictures of the aircraft and pilots. He subsequently went to New Zealand and visited with my Father and Mother in 1990-91. I have also found a copy of Frank's official report on teh accident which I will also post once I gte teh hang of things. It mentions t615's CO Dave McCormick of RAAF and the stain glass window the Squadron Members commissioned in Melbourne to commemorate McCormick. I have visited S Augstines and have taken photos of this beatutful windo which bears 615 squadron emblem. I will also add when I figure out how. I am currently putting together a short collection of stories about Frank for our future generations to share hence this post. My broter in law John Proffitt in Auckland New Zealand has Dad's log book which i am just about to receive. Kind regards Ian Fahy Sydney Mobile: +61 (0)41 141 8651 email: ian.fahy@lsiconsultants.com

15th January 2014, 05:18
Ian had sent in several photos, including logbook pages.. thes have been added to http://www.rafcommands.com/galleries/var/thumbs/SEAC/615-Squadron/.album.jpg?m=1388711921 (http://www.rafcommands.com/galleries/albums/190)