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18th January 2014, 18:36
Can anyone please find the reports of this crash at Helwan Egypt involving No.335796 Sergt. Frederick Ernest O'Meara and Leading-Aircraftsman Harold Edwin Fisher.

18th January 2014, 19:33

The accident occurred on 30 Jan 1928 on the airfield. LAC Harold Edwin Fisher (361890) died from his injuries; the pilot Sgt Frederick Earnest O'Meara (335796) survived with serious injuries. Both were with 45 (Bombing) Squadron and were flying a DH9A.

Source: The Times, dated 31 January 1928.

Edit: There's an identical report in the Flight magazine at http://www.flightglobal.com/pdfarchive/view/1928/1928%20-%200100.html?search=OMeara


18th January 2014, 20:05
Thanks Lyffe,
There was also several reports in other newspapers ie. Western Morning News,Western Gazette, Exeter and Plymouth Gazette, is anyone able to access these reports. Frederick O'Meara was later killed in another Air Crash at Upavon in 1930

18th January 2014, 22:47

What exactly are you seeking - and do you need all the reports? If no-one is in a position to access the archived papers that carry the story I suggest you email the Devon library service (devlibs@devon.gov.uk) and ask for help. I've used this approach with many libraries and found they are always willing to help. There is usually a (reasonable) search fee, but if you have difficulty in this respect contact me direct.

If you do not have the details of O'Meara's accident this comes from The Times dated 13 June:

Aeroplanes in collision: RAF Sergeant killed

The Air Ministry announce that, as a result of a collision yesterday at Upavon, Wiltshire, between a Horsley machine of No 100 (Bomber) Squadron, BicesterOxon, and a Bulldog machine of No 3 (Fighter) Squadron, Upavon, No 335796 Sergeant Frederick Earnest O'Meara, the pilot of the Horsley machine, was killed. His passnger, No 359791 Leading Aircraftman William Hagen, and Pilot Officer Lord Malcolm Avondale Douglas-Hamilton, the pilot and sole occupent of the Bulldog machine, were not injured.

Lord Malcolm Avandale Douglas-Hamilton is the third son of the Duke of Hamilton and Brandon. He was born in 1909.

Priddle's Wings over Wiltshire notes the accident occurred during practice for the Hendon Air Display.


18th January 2014, 23:46
It would perhaps have saved a lot of time had you described what you had already discovered from the same thread which has been running at http://www.british-genealogy.com/forums/showthread.php/80867-R.-A.-F.-No.-45-(B)-Squadron since the 12th - with much the same responses

19th January 2014, 00:44
I am looking for the results of the inquiry to to this accident and also the one in which Frederick Enrest O'Meara was killed in Upavon in Wiltshire in 1930 so I can get a true overall picture of what really happened

19th January 2014, 06:06

It would appear as if the aircraft involved in the Helwan accident on 30-1-1928 was:

DeHavilland DH.9A J8118

PD Ascot
AD Aboukir
8 Sqn
45 Sqn ('2') - Crashed 30-1-1928.

The D.H.4/D.H.9 File
Sturtivant,Ray & Gordon Page.
Tunbridge Wells:Air-Britain (Historians),1999.
p.243. (photo of [intact] J8118 on same page).


19th January 2014, 07:04
Hi Col. Bruggy,
Thanks for that valuable information, but I am unable to access that file can you send it to me on my personal email.

19th January 2014, 08:19
Hello gengrant,

The D.H.4/D.H.9 File is not a file as such, it is a book. The information provided is on page 243 of the aforesaid book.

PD = Packing Depot, and AD = Aircraft Depot.