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Chrris Bryant
26th January 2014, 18:40
Dear Members,

My father F/L H.E. Bryant of 24 Sqdn repaired and rescued Lord Louis' Dakota after it forced-landed on Sado Island, Niigata Prefecture, Japan on Jan. 16 1946. Lord Louis was grateful and sent him a letter of thanks which I now have. I have an written article for a new British magazine called The Aviation Historian and we need pictures urgently.

A Japanese film-maker has made a docu-drama from the villagers point of view called "Tobe! Dakota", "Fly! Dakota" in English and a trailer or two may be seen on Youtube. As well, I travelled to Sado to see the memorial erected in 2001 and met people who had helped during the repairs and recovery. This has been made into a documentary to be released soon by Don Soldini who now owns FL510.

Please help with any CLEAR, ORIGINAL reproducible photographs you may have. Credit will be given when the article is published.

Thank you,

Chris Bryant

9th February 2014, 02:50
G'day Chris

Check you e-mail.


Chrris Bryant
9th February 2014, 14:59
Thank you, Dakota!

I have replied to your email. Fancy the geographical connection!