View Full Version : DD numbers in ORD records

26th January 2014, 20:31

I read some ORD records and noted in the page entrence "Duty" in some cases a duty number like: DD801 or DD793.
They seem to be al diffrend. Is there a list of all these Duty numbers and what kind of duty it stands for?

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30th January 2014, 07:53
Hi Erik

Just checking - it isn't that the typist hasn't bothered following the page layout properly is it? Those look like a/c serial numbers rather than 'duties'.


David Duxbury
16th April 2014, 03:17
Although similar numbers were allocated to actual aircraft, DD801 was not, and DD793 was a Hatfield-built Mosquito II, so this would sem not to be the answer. Interestingly DD804 was one the Firebrand prototypes. I think the anwser must be elsewhere.
David D