View Full Version : Squadrons! No.3 - Spitfire Mk.V in the Far East released (RAF-in-COMBAT.com)

Phil Listemann
1st March 2014, 16:14

I'm pleased to announce that a new title 'SQUADRONS!' is now available (e-book only): The Spitfire Mk.V in the Far East, with 26 pages, 25 photos (including some published for the first time) and 3 colour profiles.
Three squadrons used the Spitfire Mk.V in combat, 136, 607 and 615 but for a short time only between end 1943 and mid-1944, being replaced by the Spitfire Mk.VIII by that time. All the operations are detailed squadron per squadron, with full list of claims (confirmed and probable) and losses.


Thanks for all the ones who contributed for this issue.