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4th March 2014, 15:35
In AIR 10/1581 I have now identified all fatal aircraft accidents except one

1) is a Horsley crash in which "failed to pull out of a dive and flew into sea" pilot had 273 hours on type and 534 in total and had been qualified for 2 years 6 months

Can anyone supply the date and who for this?

The only other issues not sorted are someone walking into airscrew and killed. I have one to naval seaman resolved. the other involves a Victoria



4th March 2014, 16:07
Victoira airscrew is this incident (also reported as 28th April 1935)

F / O . M. C. Moore, of No.. 216 (Bomber Transport) Squadron,
R.A.F., which is on a flight from Cairo to the Cape, was accidentally
killed on April 29 at Tororo, Uganda. His machine, when landing,
overran the aerodrome and came to a stop in long grass. F/O.
Moore, after getting out, walked into one of the revolving airscrews,
and was so severely injured that he died soon afterwards.

AIR 10/1581 Victoria "When investigating damage after over-running aerodrome an officer walked into the path of the aircrew (Co f I)"

4th March 2014, 16:22
Horsley is this one Unknown Serial

The Air Ministry regrets to announce that F/O. Ronald Talbot Smith lost his life in an accident which occurred in Johore Straits, Singapore, on June 13, to a " Horsley " aircraft of No. 36 (Torpedo Bomber) Squadron, Singapore. F/O. Smith was the pilot and sole occupant of the aircraft.

4th March 2014, 19:13
Hi Paul

It was S1601


4th March 2014, 19:47
Malcolm thanks Paul