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14th March 2014, 12:20
A regular question is what was the individual code letter that an aircraft carried.

The answer is related to the time period as code letters changed as aircraft were sent away for repair/service or were replaced.

Sometimes the ORBs will give both serial and letter but sometimes only one is listed. Crew log books usually only contain the individual code letter.

AIR 14/3460 contains lists of Bomber Command aircraft damaged by enemy action at night between December 1942 and May 1945.

Note these are not aircraft that were lost or Cat E, only those that returned and were repairable.

What is most useful is that the lists give date, squadron. aircraft type, individual code and serial allowing a "peg in the sand" to confirm that on a particular day aircraft serial XXXX was coded Y.

I've uploaded two pages as an example




14th March 2014, 14:05
Ross, you are teasing us enough already - when will www.rafaircraftaccidents.com go live? :)

Bill Walker
14th March 2014, 14:43
You are so right Ross, this is a tricky area that requires study and thought. Just for example, reviewing your two links for RCAF aircraft I found no less than 3 Halifax serials (EB230, JD240, and NA207) that according to Robertson's serial number book were never built. A typo for sure, but by Robertson or by some RAF clerk?

14th March 2014, 16:43
Hi Jagan,

Got agreement of licence from one of the national collections but agreement from the second major player is dragging a bit.

Not a set back, just gives me more time to develop some of the other areas like the images above.

Cat A to E for non operational, Cat A to AC for Operational with a few Cat E Ops on rafaircraftaccidents

The final issue of Cat E Casualty packs at the TNA will complete the set on and off line.

Bill - like any list of typed serials the clerks were not 100% accurate, that would take the thrill of the hunt out of our hobby. Still the best serial/code start point I have come across yet.