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1st May 2014, 11:17
Hi All

Can anyone help me?

I am after any help in finding out how to go about getting a book published about my great Uncle - the book is finished and self printed out. It is regarding the life of C E Hill who was a police constable proir to and during th4 first part of the war and later pilot of Lancaster DV329. The book details his original police file documents and reports contained in it all original including his disipline records!, along with numerous letters from his time in the RAF during training in the USA and when on combat operations, right up to the point of his death. The book also covers my finidng the crash site and recovery of bits of the plane and history of how, why and where he was shot down and the fates of the crew. To the erecting and of a memoral at the crash site last year as well as finding long lost relatives of mine - namely the son of Charles who now lives in France

Does anyone know of any potential publishers who would possibly be interested in such a title, as I think it would not only appeal to the RAF veterans and Arnold Scheme pilots but the Police too?

Any help or pointers would be greatful. I have tried the 44 sqn assn but had no interest and very little response at all. I'm really out on limb on this one.

Thanks in adavance.

Fred Hill