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5th May 2014, 14:06
All trying to identify F/O WA Andrews a pilot on 19 Sqn in 1927 I believe he resigned his commission in 1929

Can anyone help

Thanks Paul

5th May 2014, 14:15
Hi Paul,


Andrews W 1926 1928 into the Advanced Surname/Any Initial search box on my Alternative Gazette Search Engine.

His entries are the only W A ones returned (ignore the Naval category label as this needs to be corrected by the gazette)

Last entry is



5th May 2014, 14:29
Ross thanks for that I will have to try it when I get on a "normal" browser,the gazette always sends me to the mobile site from my phone

Or need to find a way of changing UAString from mobile phone !

5th May 2014, 14:40
Ross got it now

William Arthur Andrews

Found a app on App to fool the gazette website

I will return to the subject of William Arthur Andrews


Steve Brew
6th May 2014, 10:22
Hey Paul

I think he's one of 'mine'. I don't have a lot of detail, but he fits circumstantially:

ANDREWS, William Arthur; grntd SSC as Prob Plt Off, 26 Sep 25; Plt Off, 26 Mar 26; Fg Off, 12 Apr 27; 23 Sqn, Kenley, 12 Mar 28; 41 Sqn, ca. 28-31 May 29; fined 15 for being drunk at the wheel of a motor vehicle & 5 for driving in a dangerous manner at West Side, Wimbledon Common, 3 Apr 29; resigned SSC, 31 May 29 (prob as result of conviction)

When was he on 19 Sqn exactly?


6th May 2014, 14:11
Steve thanks for this and email as well. He was on 19 Sqn Grebes at Duxford from 30.9.26 according to FlightGlobal

I will return to this again, on a longer visit

Steve Brew
7th May 2014, 09:22
Hi Paul

No problem. Thanks for the details of his time with 19 Sqn. If you come up with anything more on the man, I would be interested in hearing.


7th May 2014, 10:47
William Arthur Andrews is not strictly a pre-war baleout but he had a lucky escape which involved a parachute: From a newspaper cutting supplied to be by Alastair Goodrum

Spalding Guardian Sat July 23rd, 1927 Page 7

"Flying Officer Andrew of Duxford (19 Sqn) aerodrome who is temporarily stationed at the Sutton Bridge aero camp for machine gun and bombing practice: had a miraculous escape from death on Wednesday (July 20th 1927) morning when his machine, a single seater, Grebe fighter (J7580) crashed into water and mud on the outmarsh at Gedney Drove End. It hurtled completely over flinging its occupant a matter of 60 yards, despite the fact his parachute opened and checked his descent. "

My info in Brackets

His was the first flying accident to occur at the Holbeach Marsh Range. It was followed about three hours later by another accident which became the first fatality. (Pilot Officer Richard Griffith Pace Killed who was killed in Gamecock I J7074 of 32 Sqn, Kenley which crashed at Holbeach Range while the Squadron was at Sutton Bridge on 20th July 1927) -- See my posting on RAF Casualty list in other forum

He was rescued from the water by residents of Gedney Drove End, and is received attention at the Sutton Bridge Camp

He ended up as an Instructor Hanworth Park Oct 1929 (NFTS) then Sandown until 1936 then Air Commerce Ltd Sudan 1937 and I think then stayed Africa