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Raghu Karnad
17th June 2014, 11:09
Can anyone share a lead to the serial nos. of the seven Hurricane aircraft flown by No 2 Squadron IAF from Imphal in April-May 1943?

Part of the squadron was flying recon flights over Burma during the late stages of the Chindit campaign. The pages of the squadron diary for those months seem to be lost.

I'm especially keen to track down information about F/O Manek Dadabhoy (Service No: 1694) whose date of death is put down as 25 May, 1943, ie very near the date that the No 2 Sqdn completed its mission and returned from Imphal.

17th June 2014, 11:58

l have some information that needs verification.

No.2 Sqn IAF
Hurricane IIC LH179 (serial suspect, but we should be able to clear that up!)

Strafing trains near Mohnyin Railway Station. Last reported position - 95.25E 24.50N.

1602 F/O Mian Mohammed LATIF IAF - Missing

Be interested in your comments. Corrections welcomed.


17th June 2014, 18:14
Raghu, great to see you over here at RAFCommands. Welcome.

For the benefit of others (raghu probably knows this).. I had mentioned a similar case in this thread http://www.rafcommands.com/forum/showthread.php?12631-Fg-Offr-K-S-Saund-died-5-May-1943-Imphal .

The ORB for the Squadron with the NA does not have pages from Sept 42 to Sept 43. and thus all details of the Imphal Detachment in May 1945 are not recorded anywhere.

Col - thanks for that additional bit of info which is new to me, I have made a note about it.

.From what I know Latif was not KIA in CWGC records so he must have made it back. Saund and Dadabhoy are the only two lost during this detachment. And as Raghu has posted. Dadabhoy is still a mystery to us.