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Phil Listemann
26th June 2014, 09:53

I'm pleased to announce that a new 'SQUADRONS!' is now available (e-book only): The Spitfire Mk.XII, with 28 pages, 30 photos and 2 colour profiles.

The Spitfire Mk.XII was the first Spitfire operational variant equipped with a Griffon engine. Only 100 were built with two RAF squadrons using this mark in operations in 1943 1944. This study of 28 pages (with over 30 photos) narrates its career and gives, as for the previous titles of this series, details on the losses and claims. It is a revised edition of the Allied Wings No. 1, now sold out.


This revision was made possible thanks to Steve Brew who provided many of the new material published in this publication.


Steve Brew
8th July 2014, 22:47
Thanks Phil; glad to have been of help.

All the best with the book.