View Full Version : Sir Arthur Harris's Despatch on War Ops, 1942-45

1st July 2014, 20:50
Hi all

Recently came across this in a high street bookshop chain, new-published by Pen & Sword at 30, compiled by John Grehan and Martin Mace. ISBN 178303298-7. Approx 400 pages.

I recall seeing this Despatch (Harris's official 'Report' on his Command's campaign) published some 20-odd years ago in large format, but this one's in 'normal' book size.

Contains loads of data, statistics and charts in the numerous Appendices. But this book also contains the Air Staff Memorandum responding to Harris's Despatch and G/C S O Bufton's comments upon it, together with an overview explaining why the Despatch was never officially published.

A document that I've heard about many times but never had the opportunity to see until now. A fascinating read.