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20th July 2014, 16:53
Please can anybody help me with details of a Dakota which was lost ?
thank you, Peter

20th July 2014, 17:54
Yeh! The aircraft was Dakota IV KK189 and it was undertaking a resupply sortie in poor weather.

It was flying over Akyab Harbour at 50 feet with visibility at 400 yards in heavy rain and turbulence. It is thought the pilot allowed insufficient margin for the bumpiness and the aircraft descended and struck the sea. It burst into flames, broke up and sank.

The crew were: W/O W H Walton 23, F/S J Briggs 22, P/O C Greenslade 23 and W/O R Newsome

Colin Cummings

21st July 2014, 15:21
Thank you,

are the crew trades known please ?

22nd July 2014, 09:45

Not that I can find and I can't remember what the F1180 said.

I suspect the two pilots were listed on the 1180 and these would have been Walton and Briggs, as I put them first in the listing I recorded. I don't know about Greenslade and Newsome but the F540/541 will say.

267 had an even more deadly accident a little while later, when the unit was being disbanded and the crews moved to another unit. An aircraft loaded with air and ground staff broke up in turbulence and all were lost.

Colin Cummings

23rd July 2014, 17:26
Thanks Colin

9th April 2021, 11:03
Losses as 267 Sqn disbanded: Just re-registered after a break since 2015 (previously "meredith") so apologies for late reply/query.
My father was with 267 Sqn in Mingaladon when it disbanded July/Aug 1946. He arrived safely in HK to 110Sqn - just after the base was badly damaged in a typhoon.
I have the ORB's for July 1946 (AIR271561-11; Summary of Events) but no mention is made of this loss of a/c with 4 crew and 18 passengers. From other sources I found it was 25th July (+ list of crew and passengers : 267 + 52 Sqn based in DumDum - Calcutta). The 267 ORBs stop at 21 July, with no mention in the CO's report. 52 Sqn ORB's (Summary : AIR27/2422/9)say a request to search for missing 267 a/c was made on 25th July; 26th, still searching: 27th , located. Again, no mention of their own (or 267's) losses.
Why would this be? Maybe it's in "Records of events",which I did not look for, as generally not as useful for my level of interest as the "Summary".
Thank you for your attention.