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25th September 2014, 09:47
Has anyone researched 45 Squadron or have access to the ORB's for the above inter war period please.

I am struggling to gather any information on the activity of a newly trained Pilot who was posted from No4 FTS direct to 45 Sqd 1/7/27 where he served until 16/2/29 what followed was a long career instructor training.

George Bruce GILLIE Crashed in a DG9A on the 24/8/27 which confirms him as air crew. He later received an AFM for instructing in 1940.

As always thanks for looking at my request.

25th September 2014, 10:47
Colin, Hi,

This is probably your man? Became an Air Trafficker - but note that the post-nominal 'AFM' only appears on one LG entry!

Births Jun 1903
GILLIE George Bruce Croydon 2a 258

Enlisted 335007 (335001 – 336000 Boys Dec 1918-Mar 1919) early Dec 1918 aged 15

Air Ministry, 13th September, 1940.
The undermentioned are granted commissions for the duration of hostilities as Pilot officers on probation:—
Flight Sergeants.
20th Aug. 1940. (Seniority 14th Aug. 1940.) 335007 George Bruce GILLIE (44402).

The undermentioned Pilot Officers on probation are confirmed in their appointments and promoted to the war substantive rank of Flying Officer:—
George Bruce GILLIE (44402). 22nd Aug. 1941. (Seniority 14th Aug. 1941.)

Flg. Offs. to be Flt. Lts. (war subs.): —
G. B. GILLIE (44402). 20th Aug. 1942. (Seny. 14th Aug. 1942.)

As Flight Lieutenants, extended service (A.M.O. A-775/45 Scheme B)*: —
1st Jan. 1947 (seniority 1st Sept. 1945).
George Bruce GILLIE (44402) (and transferred to the Aircraft Control Branch on appointment).

Flight Lieutenant to Squadron Leader:—
1st Jan. 1949 (seniority 1st Aug. 1947).
G. B. GILLIE (44402).

Appointment to commission. As Squadron Leader (permanent): —
George Bruce GILLIE, A.F.M. (44402). 25th Jan. 1949.

Squadron Leaders:—
1st Jan. 1957. G. B. GILLIE (44402).

Peter Davies

25th September 2014, 16:37
Bang on my chap Gillie - He had a very long service in the RAF but finished up with just the AFM. War Medal. Defence Medal and RAF Long Service Good Conduct medal to show for it.
Apart from long instructional duties his only other flying appears to have been in Egypt 1927 - 1929 and that has been recorded as 'policing' duties.

Thanks for the info on his career lets hope I can find a 45 Sqd researcher !

25th September 2014, 16:53
Colin, Hi,
He died in 1993 - Reg in Exeter. Try the RAFA club in Exeter - they may have some knowledge. As far as I aware he Married in Q3 1933. There was (as far as I am aware) only one progeny - a daughter. If the RAFA club don't know then you might have to go for the Death Cert route. That will give you the Informant/Address. If it was the Daughter (possibly married?) then she might have his Log Books? If the Informant was a Care-Home Manager, etc, then you are, possibly, on a hiding to nothing! The RAFA Club may be your best, immediate, bet - the death of a 90-yr old Pilot (ATC) might have been in the local press! Go for it! Stir 'em up! Let us know how you get on!
Peter Davies

27th September 2014, 15:04
Thank you for the help and a special thanks to Paul who sent me the early 45 Sqd ORB entries.