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29th September 2014, 10:43
Anyone come across an incident on 5th Nov 1944 when 27 Squadron moved from Agartala to Dohazari. My man, LAC Ernest Roy Stone No. 648704 died that day, as did WO Roy McKay and F/Sgt (pilot) John Banfield. By TNA download there appears to have been no operational sorties by 27 Sqdn in November 1944 until 10th. Perhaps an accident en route from Agartala.. Don't know were else to look
Here's hoping


29th September 2014, 10:53
If you Google Banfield and 658803, you get this:


Beaufighter X NV322.



28th October 2015, 14:54
My dad, Ron Short, (92 years of age and still going strong) was a close friend of "Blondie" Stone and served with him in Burma. He saw the aircraft off that day. He talks about the accident on a film on the RAF benefit website. I can send the link if you would like?