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Bart FM Droog
14th May 2008, 09:12
What caused the death of:

Group Captain Harold A. Whistler, RAF 03100, DSO & DFC, age unknown, 01/03/1940, Singapore Memorial, Singapore



14th May 2008, 09:29
He was a passenger of Imperial Airways Handley Page HP42E "Hannibal" which disappeared.

Quite an interesting page on the loss, but they have his rank wrong:



Bart FM Droog
14th May 2008, 10:17
Thanks Amrit,

Quite interesting indeed:

'Harold Whistler was returning to UK to take up a new RAF appointment.
His wife was given just the basic information on the incident as it was during a busy wartime period and there was possibly not the opportunity or motivation for comprehensive reporting. They were given to understand that the loss of the aircraft was probably due to bad weather.(26) A Group Captain with a distinguished flying career with DSO, DFC with 2 bars, Harold had been serving as Chief of Staff India with the acting rank of Air Commodore.
Harold Whistler's name features on a war memorial in Singapore and there is a tablet with the Whistler family crest in a church at Frinton on Sea (Essex) dedicated to Harold and his mother.' (source: http://www.rrhobby.ca/hannibal/quest2.htm )

I wonder if somebody has more details on his 'distinguished flying career' or knows what his new RAF appointment was?



14th May 2008, 10:34
His Obit is here:


Bart FM Droog
14th May 2008, 10:42
Thanks, Paul - much appreciated.