View Full Version : Gladiator K7941 65 Sqn 10-10-1938

27th December 2014, 19:51
This aircraft hit a barn on this date and was written off

I have just been sent a series of photos that show she was coded FZ-U at the time

But does anyone have the name is the pilot?

Thanks Paul

29th December 2014, 09:25
Photos of accident are here


29th December 2014, 12:35

"On the night of 10th October, F/O Gerald 'Sam' Saunders of No 65S took off on a night flight, but on his return owing to a very bad mist which had covered the airfield, he misjudged his landing approach and caught the u/c of his Gladiator a/c on one of the barn roofs just outside the airfield, ploughing across a field and stopping against a brick wall of a farm outbuilding. He climbed out of the smashed a/c unhurt, not even a scratch, but on running clear he sprained his ankle on one of the bricks from the wall."

Hornchurch Scramble, vol 1, 1915-to the end of the BoB, Richard C Smith p.40.



29th December 2014, 13:04
Davew Thanks for that QED!

F/O Gerald Alfred Wellesley Saunders #37482 (later DFC) it is

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