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Alex Smart
9th January 2015, 13:43

450301 - Unaccounted Airmen - 01-03-1945

From Henk's List -

ARNISON, Christopher William Gray - LAC - 1794502 - RAFVR - Maynamati War Cemetery, Bangladesh.

OPIE, Francis Colin - W/O - 364911 - RAF - Naples War Cemetery, Italy.

ANDREWS, John Sidney - F/L (Pilot) - 83686 - A.F.C - RAFVR - Oxford Crematorium, Oxfordshire.
INNOCENT, Dennis Herbert - LAC - 1527827 - RAFVR - Birmingham (Yardley) Cemetery, Warwickshire.
WOOD, Harold George - Cpl - 1115119 - RAFVR - Liverpool (Allerton) Cemetery, Lancashire.

From CWGC & Geoff's sites -

GIBSON, John Ethelbert - LAC - 1078803 - RAFVR - Imphal War Cemetery, India.

ATKINSON, George - F/L (Pilot Instr) - 47413 - D.F.M - RAF - Blyth Cemetery, Northumberland.
CLEEVE, Anthony Thomas Russell - F/O (Pilot U/T) - 160943 - RAFVR - Charing (Kent County) Crematorium, Kent.
WILDE, John Harrison - F/O (Nav/WoP) - 152954 - RAFVR - Audenshaw Cemetery, Lancashire.


9th January 2015, 14:30
The following relates to Wilde, it is from the No.60 OTU ORB:
March 1st 1945, “Accidents. At 21.15 hours F/L Barker and navigator F/O Wilde (both of 44 Course) took off on a practice night operational patrol. At 23.01 a “MAYDAY” call was heard but was very weak, and the call sign not definitely established. The crash crew at Andover saw an aircraft approximately 5 miles away at 23.10 hours. The aircraft, a Mosquito is believed to have struck an Auster in midair, as an Auster crashed about 5 miles away at the same time. As a result of this accident F/L Barker was injured, and his Navigator F/O J.H. Wilde (152954) was killed. This accident is the subject of an investigation which is proceeding.
Note. This same crew flew into a high tension cable on Anglesey only a few days ago, but the pilot on this occasion brought the aircraft safely to base, although damaged. Neither of them was hurt.”

10th January 2015, 10:18

ARNISON, Christopher William Gray - LAC - 321 MU.

OPIE, Francis Colin - W/O - 159 MU.

GIBSON, John Ethelbert - LAC - 358 Sqn.

ANDREWS, John Sidney - F/L (Pilot) - registered in North Cotswold.
INNOCENT, Dennis Herbert - LAC - registered in Newark.
WOOD, Harold George - Cpl - registered in Liverpool N.
ATKINSON, George - F/L (Pilot Instr) - killed whilst flying in Mosquito II, HJ659 of No 54 OTU, which spun in from a roll near Coldstream.
CLEEVE, Anthony Thomas Russell - F/O (Pilot U/T) - see Atkinson.


15th May 2017, 16:18
INNOCENT, Dennis Herbert - LAC - registered in Newark. Died at Newark Emergancy Hospital of TB.

15th February 2019, 08:50


83686 F/L John Sidney ANDREWS AFC, RAFVR.

83686 F/L John Sidney ANDREWS AFC, RAFVR, was killed on 1 March 1945, when 6 Maintenance Unit (Brize Norton), Spitfire XVI TB594 crashed during an air test.

Failed To Return - Airmen Died In The Second World War 1939-45. The Honour Roll of the British, Commonwealth and Allied Air Services. Part 2: A-B.
Uckfield:Naval & Military Press,2018.


16th February 2021, 00:27
UPGRADE to Christopher William Gray Arnison 1794502, attached to 321 MU, he died in the combined military hospital Mymensingh, Bengal of injuries sustained in an accidental explosion

26th November 2021, 19:53
Francis Colin Opie 346911, was found dead in bed in his billet , a post mortem at Number 1 RAF hospital found he'd died of a heart condition

15th July 2022, 13:45
639792 Aircraftman 1st Class William Robert Williamson Allan

According to his death certificate, A1C Allan died in Strathcaro Hospital, Scotland, on 16 November 1940, at the age of 18. The cause of death was a furuncle (boil) on the nose, which led to cellulitis of the cheek, submaxillary cellulitis and, after three weeks, death from acute myocarditis.

16th January 2023, 21:47
John Ethelbert Gibson 1078803 , was seriously injured on 27 February with a fractured 5th cervical vertebrae and bronchopneumonia. He was admitted to Number 62 Mobile field hospital where he died