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2nd March 2015, 13:11
Does anyone know where I may get hold of a decent secondhand copy of Shark Squadron by Robin Brown please?

Thanks JeanB

2nd March 2015, 16:48
Have you tried bookfinder.com?

2nd March 2015, 18:10
John - no, I haven`t, but I will now. Many thanks Jean

3rd March 2015, 12:52
Jean it does not seem to be easy to find a copy in UK. Do you particularly want a copy of the book or do you want information from the book? I have a copy.

3rd March 2015, 13:50
Hallo Steve - and what a very kind offer. I have found Shark Sq. is available through Amazon, and also traced it through Bookfinder.com - thanks to JohnE`s suggestion. However, it seems that the average price is around 60, which is a touch rich I think.

My interest is that my brother Frank Hegarty (Sq.Ldr at the time) was c/o of 112 from approx. 1953-55. I know quite a lot about this period of his life, but am always interested in anything that concerns him. Particularly his involvement with the introduction of the Sabre into RAF service.

As you have a copy of the book, could I ask you to have a look through for me and tell me if you think that finding a copy would add anything significant to my knowledge? I do have a copy of Duncan Curtis` book Sabre, by the way.

Thankyou for your interest and help Steve. Best wishes Jean

3rd March 2015, 16:09
Well sorry to say Jean there is not much there and I don't think you would feel 60 was well spent unless perhaps you have a wider interest in the history of 112Sqn. I will make copies of the pages that cover the Sabre/Hegarty period. Let me have your email by personal mail and I'll get back to you.