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6th March 2015, 18:14
I have now completed research into the MAEE's time in Scotland during WW11. This is a final invitation for any stories about this time. robin bird.

1st April 2015, 19:14
Ref research into MAEE RAF Helensburgh: In Lerwick there is the grave of Norwegian pilot Lt. Ravin shot down in a MF 11 floatplane while escaping Norway in May 1940 with a Heinkel 115 destined for Helensburgh. Does anyone have any more information about Lt. Ravin, his crew and how they met their fate?

1st April 2015, 22:12

The following is known:


Next day, as the evacuation reached its last stages, 2 Flg avd was ordered to withdraw too. Two He 115As and three MF 11s still survived, F-58 and MFs F-312 and F-334 flying northwards to Tromso, while F-52 and F-328 headed for Scotland. The Heinkel, flown by Lt Offerdal, reached Invergordon safely, but the MF 11 was believed to have been shot down by British AA guns in error, the crew being killed. F-52 carried with it the Skua crew, Farragut and Owbridge , who had been flying with the Norwegians since being shot down on 10 April.

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robin bird
10th May 2015, 17:18
thank you Col Bruggy for your feedback. I am interested in just how many MF 11s headed for Helensburgh, or Scotland, from Norway, and how many Heinkel He 8s headed for Helensburgh from Finland.

robin bird
12th May 2015, 19:42
Incidentally, does anyone know much about the MAEE detachment at Prestwick? Scottish Aviation maintained MAEE's land based aircraft.