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Steel Talon
21st April 2015, 23:59
Hi everybody,

I'm new to the forum and decided to join after reading a few of the threads.

I have published a couple of books (no New York Times bestsellers I'm afraid) mainly concerning the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre but have harboured a secret desire to try and write a novel about a fictional fighter squadron during the Battle of Britain.

My knowledge is rather limited - though I try to perform exhaustive research before I put pen to paper - and was wondering if perhaps the members of the forum could answer some questions I may have regarding squadron organisation, aircraft specifications etc.

To be bluntly honest I'm looking for somebody to go through my novel with a big red pen, highlighting mistakes and making suggestions - a co-author if you will - so this work of fiction will do the real heroes who fought during the Battle of Britain justice.

Some background info on the story...

Lead character - P/O James Mitchell from Lancashire...RAFVR
Fictional Squadron - No. 509 (County of Wessex) Squadron...this would have been an Auxiliary Air Force squadron if I've done my homework correctly
Fictional Location - No. 11 Group Beaulieu Sector (Actually covered by Tangmere but I carved up a small section on the borders of the New Forest) and charged with defending RAF Ventnor on the Isle of Wight. (The importance of the station has been greatly exaggerated for dramatic purposes)

So, brief plot - James joins 509 from his Operational Training Unit and immediately clashes with some of the regular and veteran pilots in the squadron. As the story progresses through his training and first mission we are introduced to Major Erik Kruger who commands a Flight Group with jagdgeschwader13 (hopefully a fictional Luftwaffe Unit but I can't mention of it anywhere) who serves as the primary antagonist. After loosing a handful of pilots and one being shot down by friendly fire James begins to suspect there is a spy in the squadron (ultimately turns out to be a fascist) and works to expose the spy. He ultimately discovers that Air Intelligence knew the identity of the spy and were supplying false information about Britain's defences to the enemy. Angered by the loss of so many pilots for nothing the surviving pilots hatch a daring raid on the airfield were Kruger's Group are based - inflicting heavy damage before escaping back to Britain. The novel culminates in Battle of Britain Day where 509 participate in the battle. The prologue shows the proposal of a covert unit of skilled pilots to support SOE Operations around the globe - paving the way for future novels and adventures to take place throughout the conflict.

Rant over :-)

I'm still hammering away at the first draft (Chapter 26/32 currently) and there is lots of work still to do.

I'm self publishing the novel and will be footing the bill, but if anybody is interested or has advice to offer please contact me through the forum.

Finally, If I have completely missed the point of this forum and made an A$$ of myself, can you point me in the right direction to a suitable forum please.

Many thanks for your time
I look forward to hearing from you