View Full Version : F/Sgt. Peter Bugge

Stein Meum
21st May 2008, 12:47
This pilot flew Curtiss Mohawks with 155 Sqn in India/Burma. He was killed in a flying accident on 29 October, 1943.

I am on the search for a Norwegian pilot who apparently was posted to this war theatre after completing flying training in East Africa or Rhodesia. Bugge is a well-known family name in Norway. Indeed, there were 3 other Norwegian pilots/aircrew serving with the RAF in Europe by the name of Bugge, none of them related.

Are there anyone out there with more information on this pilot?

TIA Stein

21st May 2008, 13:04
There are a number of mentions of Bugge in Beauchamp's "Mohawks over Burma", but almost all are just his name included a roster for particular missions.

There doesn't appear to be any personal or background information included. However, there are a couple of photos of him. If you interested, then PM me your email address and I'll scan them for you (but not before tomorrow I'm afraid).


Stein Meum
21st May 2008, 13:23
Thanks Amrit. I already have this book, and it's from this book I found Bugge.