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6th June 2015, 20:56
This website yields an interesting story -http://www.macleans.ca/society/teddy-bears-nitpick-the-international-mystery-of-the-beaumont-bear/

Associated with it is Group Captain Stephen Gerald Beaumont:

BEAUMONT, Stephen Gerald, G/C (Royal Air Force) - Allied Expeditionary Air Force, No.84 Group Headquarters - Mention in Despatches - awarded as per London Gazette dated 8 June 1944 Public Record Office Air 2/9003, courtesy of Tom Thorne, has recommendation for a CBE, intended for Birthday Honours List, June 1944 which evidently became this lesser honor.. OBE awarded 1 January 1945.

This officer has been Deputy Air Officer Administration at the Group since its formation in July 1943. Being in charge of the Rear Headquarters, he has had to build up a team of Staff Officers at the same time as the many units, with different nationalities, were forming. He has done this extremely successfully, while continuing to maintain close personal contact with the units and their commanders. The success achieved has been entirely due to his untiring energy, keenness and leadership.

BEAUMONT, Stephen Gerald, A/G/C (Royal Air Force) - No.84 Group Rear Headquarters - Officer, Order of the British Empire - awarded as per London Gazette dated 1 January 1945. Public Record Office Air 2/8872 has citation.

Group Captain Beaumont was one of the original members of No.84 Group Rear Headquarters when it was formed in June 1943, and was largely responsible for the administrative organization from the beginning. His untiring efforts and tactfulness in dealing with many Allied units have raised the administrative efficiency of the Group, and of the Rear Headquarters, to its present high standard.