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Alex Smart
7th June 2015, 01:11

450627 - Unaccounted Airwoman & Airmen - 27-06-1945

From Henk's List -

BOSHOFF, Cornelia - Air Corporal - F/267087 - WAAF(SAAF) - Johannesburg (West Park) Cemetery, Gauteng, South Africa .

BARRETT, John Lewis - Sgt - 1288987 - RAFVR -ast Finchley Cemetery & St. Marylebone Crematorium, Middlesex .
COVINGTON, Frank - AC2c - 2246232 - RAFVR - Lambeth Cemetery, London .
DUNBAR, Thomas Guild - F/S - 1522674 - RAFVR - Dalnottar Cemetery, Dunbartonshire .
HARTNELL, James Maurice - LAC - 1419440 - 2795 Sqdn RAF Regt - RAFVR - Abercynon Cemetery, Glamorganshire .

From CWGC & Geoff's sites -



7th June 2015, 09:57

BARRETT, John Lewis - Sgt - registered in Cheltenham.
COVINGTON, Frank - AC2 - registered in Camberwell.
DUNBAR, Thomas Guild - F/S - not Eng/Wales?.
HARTNELL, James Maurice - LAC - registered in Pontypridd .


7th June 2015, 10:49
DUNBAR, Thomas Guild - the Statutory Deaths notice on the Scotland's People website states that he died at East Fortune Railway Station at 4.00pm. No cause of death is given, but the R.C.E. (Register of Corrected Entries) gives the cause of death as natural causes, and notes that he had been suffering from abnormal enlargement of the thyrus gland.



Martyn A Critchlow
4th January 2016, 22:48
BARRETT, John Lewis - Sgt - 1288987 - died in a road accident

INQUEST WITNESS KILLED IN ACCIDENT An extraordinary feature of an inquest on two victims of a road collision, opened at Cheltenham on Saturday, was that one of the chief witnesses has since been killed as the result of another road accident. This fact was referred to by Mr. J. D. Lane, the Cheltenham Coroner, when he intimated that he would not be in a position to complete the inquiry into the deaths of an R.A.F. motor cyclist and a lady pillion passenger, who were killed when they came into collision with a motor car at the Gotherington cross roads on the evening of June 27. The inquiry was adjourned until July 28 to enable witnesses injured in the accident to be called. The victims of the accident were Sergt. John Barratt (34), stationed at Stoke Orchard, whose home was at Flat 9, 30, Mitcham-street, Marylebone,( London; and Miss Gwynetti Doreen Loach (23). aircraff worker, of Phillip-streefy Coseley, Staffs. COLLISION AT JUNCTION The Coroner, who sat with a jury, of which Mr. W. J. Foot was foreman, explained the inquiry arose out of a collision between Barratt's motor cycle and a car on the Gotherington-road, Evesham - road, and Gotherington Fields-road junction.

Cheltenham Chronicle - Saturday 14 July 1945


4th May 2021, 15:35
James Maurice Hartnell 1419440 , was taken seriously ill with a stroke on 7th May and was admitted to the Hurstwood Park EMS Hospital where he became dangerously ill on the 15th and died of a cereberal tumour

5th July 2021, 21:59
Clifford Alexander Harvey R 172898 , died at the American base hospital, Grande Prairie of a pulmonary embolism

22nd September 2021, 21:25
Raymond French 1099931 , was seriously injured in a MT accident on duty , dying the same day in Aarhus hospital

13th July 2022, 15:42
Harold Godfrey Wright 167376 , was admitted dangerously ill to the British military hospital at Rawalpindi on 26 June where he died of heat hyperexia and haematemis

18th July 2023, 19:54
David Ralph Bates R 271238 | Attached to RCAF Yarmouth | was swimming with his sister in Long Lake, near Bancroft, Ontario. They were diving into the water off a boat, and on his second dive, Bates failed to surface and was drowned