View Full Version : SQUADRONS! Vol. 10 - The North American Mustang IV in Western Europe

Phil Listemann
10th June 2015, 08:06
Morning All,

I'm pleased to announce the release a new title in SQUADRONS! series:

SQUADRONS! No. 10: The North American Mustang IV in Western Europe

The North American P-51 is among the most famous fighters of WW2, and the P-51D probably the model the most known. The RAF became a late user of this model as Mustang IV, and they participated to the last weeks of the war over the continent in escorting the British bombers or over the sea escorting off the Norwegian or Danish coasts the Beaufighters or Morquitos of Coastal Command. With close to 40 pages, over 30 photos and five colour profiles.


Thanks again for the contribution provided by the members who helped here in various occasions.