View Full Version : No.313 (Czechoslovakian) Squadron 1941-1945

Phil Listemann
9th July 2015, 07:06
Morning All,

I'm pleased to announce the release a new title in RAF, DOMINION & ALLIED SQUADRONS AT WAR, series:

No. 313 (Czechoslovakian) Squadron 1941-1945

This series is a deep study of a squadron giving an history and statistics:

Appendix I: Squadron Commanders and Flight Commanders
Appendix II: Major awards
Appendix III: Operational diary (number of sorties per month)
Appendix IV: Victory list
Appendix V: Details of aircraft losses on operations
Appendix VI: Details of Aircraft losses in accidents
Appendix VII: Aircraft Serial Numbers matching with individual letters (including mission totals for multi-engine aircraft)
Appendix VIII: Nominal roll (Captains only for bomber and seaplane units)
Appendix IX: Roll of Honour


40 pages, 48 photos including two in colour and 7 colour profiles.

Thanks again to the members who helped here in various occasions to complete this work.