View Full Version : 1937 Crash of Hawker Audax K4386

Rambling Jack
18th July 2015, 19:09
I would like to find out more about the crash of this aircraft, into the Marine Lake at West Kirby, on the Wirral (then) in Cheshire, (now) in Merseyside.

I think (not certain) that the aircraft was flying out of RAF Sealand and that the pilot may have attempted landing on the promenade beside the lake.

There is a photograph of the subsequent recovery operation and I have a half-memory of seeing a newsreel film on this as well, tho' I can't now trace this.

Does anyone have information, please? Is it possible to read any official accident report online, perhaps?

20th July 2015, 12:47
The aircraft was from No.5 FTS which at the time was stationed at Sealand.

There isn't an accident report for the incident that I know of, but there is a copy of the F1180 which doesn't say very much, the following is what is written as a description of the accident. The forced landing was at night, the duty is entered as night flying practice.

"Forced landing (lost). Landed by aid of promenade lights at W. Kirby. Beach selected for landing but a/c landing in Marine Lake in about 3ft of water, turned up on nose & later was blown over onto back."

The pilot is recorded as Acting Pilot Officer M.J. Earle.

20th July 2015, 15:00

A/P/O M. J. Earle, possibly - 39164 Michael John EARLE RAF (of Wanganui, NZ).


Rambling Jack
20th July 2015, 16:59
Thank you gentlemen, very helpful in expanding my knowledge of the event.