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Alex Smart
24th July 2015, 01:19

450709 - Unaccounted Airmen - 09-07-1945

From Henk's List -

DUGDALE, James - LAC - 1052305 - RAFVR - Rawtenstall cemetery, Lancashire.
SCRASE, Henry Keith - LAC - 1860660 - RAFVR - Hove New Cemetery, Sussex.

From CWGC & Geoff's sites -

DOWNS, James - Cpl - 1228653 - RAFVR - Brussels Town Cemetery, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium.


24th July 2015, 10:26

DUGDALE, James - LAC - registered in Lincoln.
SCRASE, Henry Keith - LAC - registered in Chichester.

DOWNS, James - Cpl - 5 MT BD.


Martyn A Critchlow
5th January 2016, 12:40
DUGDALE, James - LAC - 1052305 - died in a road accident

A PEDAL-CYCLIST who has not been traced is ** thought to have caused a road accident in which L.A.C. James Dugdale (30), of R.A.F. Fiskerton, lost his life on July 8. He was found lying on the road with a severe head injury and died the following day in Lincoln Military Hospital. The Deputy Coroner (Mr. Reynolds Scorer),, returning a verdict of death by misadventure at the inquest yesterday, expressed the hope that the untraced cyclist would be troubled by his conscience. cyclist came from the right, in front of him, apparently taking the same direction. swerved to avoid him and found myself heading straight for a telegraph pole, and I swerved again to the left, mounting the grass verge. The engine stopped and the bike slid into the ditch. ‘‘Dugdale was not on the bike then and I can only assume he had thrown himself off on to the road where was found. I was .unhurt and 'I he ac stayed on he would have been perfectly all right-” Inj'ury To Brain Major William Tucker, of the Military Hospital said death was due to a depressed fracture the skull and consequent, injury to the brain. L.A*C. Geoffrey Godfrey said cyclist riding' without lights passed him just before the accident happened. He heard scraping of metal and sudden silence and he ran back to find Dugdale lying on his back the roadway- The cyclist must have known of the accident but he did not appear. ’Fit. Lt. H. S. Smith, R.A.F. Fiskerton, said the rider the motor cycle was quite sober when he saw him immediately after the accident. The jury exonerated the rider of the motor cycle, adding that further efforts to iind the cyclist ought to be made.

Lincolnshire Echo - Thursday 12 July 1945


22nd March 2021, 20:41
Alec Gravell 1869547, suffered multiple stab wounds in an attack in Foggia at 22:30 hours on the 8th. Admitted to Number 4 general hospital he died at 21:55 hours

26th May 2023, 17:25
Henry Keith Scrase 1860660 | attached to 32 Base | was admitted dangerously ill to the Royal West Sussex hospital on 30 May 1945, dying of acute leukaemia