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18th August 2015, 10:23
'From Sapper to Spitfire Spy' - the WWII biography of David Greville-Heygate DFC, is due for release at the end of August by Pen and Sword Aviation.
I would like to thank the Forum members for their help and support over the years while I researched my father's wartime career - starting out as an Army Sapper working on a searchlight at Wittering Airfield to a fully fledged photo-recce Spitfire pilot flying over the battlefields of Holland and Germany.
This 240 page, hardback book is illustrated using over 150 pictures, including many original photographs taken by David.
Many thanks to all of you that have helped make this book come alive.

Publisher's link: https://www.pen-and-sword.co.uk/From-Sapper-to-Spitfire-Spy-Hardback/p/11275
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/From.Sapper.to.Spitfire.Spy

bruce dennis
18th August 2015, 11:04
Well done Sally-Anne, I look forward to it.