View Full Version : The right place to watch a gun camera film of a N 248 Sqdn aircraft

Pierre BABIN
4th September 2015, 08:44

I have a picture, certainly extracted from a gun camera of a N 248 Sqdn Mosquito on 15th July 1944, which straffed a German ship in the harbour of Le Palais (Belle-le island), South of Brittany.

My question is : is it possible to watch, somewhere, the whole film of this attack ? if yes, where : National Archives Kew ? RAF Museum Hendon ? Imperial War Museum London ? other places ?

Additional question : if such a film may be consulted "somewhere", is it possible to buy a copy ?

Thanks in advance

Pierre Babin

bruce dennis
4th September 2015, 09:24
Hello Pierre,
IWM has many examples of gun footage and you probably do not need me to tell you how to search their collections. When it comes to viewing or purchasing a copy, my most recent experiences were frustrating. The staff are helpful but the paramount issue is the condition of the original film: they will need to check the condition if it is proper 'film' to see if it is safe to go through the process of copying without being degraded. If the film has already been assessed or better still copied to digital media then ordering a copy is straightforward, but you must declare if it will be used for any commercial purpose. Most of this can be sorted in advance with a phone call or by email if you identify the film from their Collections.
Hope this helps,

Pierre BABIN
4th September 2015, 11:53
Thank you very much Bruce for your quick reply. I'll send you a PM to night.

Have a good day