View Full Version : Airmen escaped in north italy

1st June 2008, 12:22
Hello, a friend gave me a photo of a suspected RAF airmen, baled out over north italy and hidden by the locals for some month in or around the church of Fogliano (Reggio Emilia province, north italy). The priest of Fogliano remember that his name was "Hugh Jobling" or Joblin.

I have checked the american enlistment records, and i have not found any Jobling or joblin in the Air Corp, so it may be a Raf or Commonwealth man.

The priest remember also that he was an officer, and went to church with "...another crewman", possibly a wireless operator or gunner. I guess it was a Mosquito or Beaufighter aircrew, anyone know more?

I'll try to post a pic, thanks in advance.