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3rd June 2008, 12:34
I am trying to find out more about a man who served with 53 Squadron
from May 1937 to February 1940.

His name was Eric Denzil Joyce and he was seconded into the RAF from the Army
(RA) in 1936 (he became a 2lt in the RA in 1929)

He seems to have commanded B flight (and the Squadron for a few months)
and served with the unit while in France. His log book contains a lot of notes
including one that states he was posted to 52 Wing on the 20th October 1939
to take charge of ALG Vitry - en - Artois (I assume a landing ground).

Any help with this man, or the history of the Squadron would be great.


3rd June 2008, 13:13

A very good history of 53 Squadron is 'United in Effort. The Story of No.53 Squadron Royal Air Force 1916 - 1976 by Jock Manson. An Air Britain Publication. ISBN 0 85130 260 2

Joyce is mention a couple of times and the book confirms - Flt, Lt E D. Joyce (RA) commanded 'B' Flight.

Joyce is not listed as commanding the squadron.


3rd June 2008, 13:19
Thanks for that. Do you know if the book is still in print?

Joyce seems to have gone on to command
651 Squadron - 1/8/41 - 4/9/41
231 Squadron - 4/9/41 - 28/10/42


3rd June 2008, 13:29
Still seems to in print, you will find one here. Do a 'Quick Search' top left corner of site.


9th June 2008, 13:37
Thanks for the link. Think I'll have to invest in a copy.

After carrying out a little more research on the log it seems he went on to
be one of the founder members of the Air Observation Post Squadrons. His
log mentions he joined the Experimental FOP with Bazeley on the 5/2/40, and
was with them until 17/10/40 flying from Old Sarum, Arras, Sommesous, and
Larkhill. A link here http://www.aaca.org.uk/aop.htm seems to fit in.

He seems to have had a month at the Central flying School (18/9/40 - 19/10/40)
before re-joining the Observation unit, which he now notes as D Flight at Larkhill,
on the 10/10/40, and he remains with them until he moves to 651 Squadron on the