View Full Version : Damage to St. Paul's Church, Cologne, early 1941

Steve Brew
7th June 2008, 11:08
Dear all

I have been sent a pdf copy of an original invoice for repairs to St. Paul's Church, Cologne, dated dated 10 March 1941. The document is in German and titled, ""Reparatur in der St. Paulus Kirche zu Köln", and details each of the repairs undertaken and the costs thereof.

I cannot tell from the bill if it is following bomb damage - in fact I am not even sure if Allied aircraft were bombing Cologne in early 1941. However, I thought that someone may be interested in a copy.

The person who sent it to me cannot tell me the source (i.e. doesn't know it), and said it was sent to her. If anyone is interested in seeing it, please e-mail me off-board at brew AT clients.ch