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9th June 2008, 09:09
This post is in memory of the crew of DT773

Phil Langsford an old friend and hero of mine (I mean that litterally) died last year 2007 on 28th October. He was on Bomber Comand ops with 78 sqn from Linton On Ouse. His aircraft Halifax DT773 was shot down on 17th April 1943 on returning form ops to Plzen (Skoda works). Crashed dry lake bed of Max Eyth See in the Hofen district of Stuttgart. Night fighter. Lt.Joseph Nabrich III./NJG101 03:17 hours

Halifax II Z DT773 Q 78sqn
88035 F/L Dowse A.P. Capt
R/79743 F/S Desjardins R. Nav RCAF
655035 Sgt Thompson H.E. B/A
NZ2412343 Sgt Langsford P. RNZAF W/OP
1042698 Sgt Slater T.T. F/E
1421354 Sgt Hoare A.W. M/U
121341 F/O Orr A.N. R/G

(info from my book about the Pilsen raid.) The M/U bert Hoare is stil with us.