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26th February 2016, 09:31
Lincolnshire Standard and Boston Guardian Saturday 12 November 1938

An RAF. ’plane from Cranwell turned over when making a forced landing in a field on the outskirts of Long Eaton on Thursday week and came to rest with the tail hanging over the footpath on the main road to Nottingham. The occupant, Flight-Cadet Stephens, was unhurt.

I can't find a Officer called Stephens as Acting P/O in 1938 or 1939 I have two Stevens as A/PO in 1938 and 1939

Peter Denis Brock Stevens (29 Oct 1938)
Leonard Walter Stevens 4 March 1939 (SSC) - So unlikely at Cranwell ?

Can anyone solve this mystery?



26th February 2016, 11:11
Hi Paul,

F1180 gives pilot as Flight Cadet M M Stephens, 13 hours solo, 13 hours dual (all on Tutor).

A bit of a scan about suggest he was Maurice Michael Stephens.



26th February 2016, 12:13

Great result thanks I could not find him because I did not look beyond mid 1939 for his name in AFL, not realising his course would be longer he only joined Royal Air Force College Cranwell in 1938

Googling his Servicer Number I found this in Men of the Battle of Britain: A Biographical Dictionary of the Few
By Kenneth G. Wynn

"After the outbreak of war, Cranwell cadets, who had not completed their courses, were enlisted in the regular Raf on Sept 7, 1939 as Airmen u/t Pilots and each give an airman number (581769)"

First problem 581769 not in London Gazette so I then searched his name in London Gazette

Then found this (I have added a few of the other Airman U/C Service Numbers)

The London Gazette
Publication date:19 January 1940 Supplement:34776Page:377


The undermentioned ex-Flight Cadets are
granted permanent commissions as Pilot
Officers on probation. 23rd Dec. 1939:-

Hugh John ALDERSON (33525)
David Michael AGNEW (33484)
Peter Bradford BALEAN (33531)
Alfred Henry Wynne BALL (33532)
David Murray BARBOUR (33505)
John Theodore BERRYMA!N (33506)
Frank Ronald- BIRD (33526)
Peter Fitzgerald BLACKFORD (33507)
Julian Walter Lowndes BRUXNERRANDALL (33534)
Charles Mervyn BURFIELD (33508)
Bernard CLEGG (33536)
Ralph Henry CLIFFORD (33537)
Alex Robert Temple Cox (33509)
Terence John Frederick DAVEY (33527)
James Henderson DEAS (33539)
Douglas David HAIG (33540)
John Fisher HATTON (33541)
Robert Leslie HIGKS (33542)
Ralph Reginald LANGLEY (33512)
Michael Frederick Sydney LAUGHTON (33513)
Peter de Lacey Le CHEMINANT (33544)
Archibald Duncan LIVINGSTONE (33514)
Dugald Thomas Moore LUMSDEN (33545)
John Murdo MACDONALD (33528)
Ruthven Arnold MACFARLANE (33546)
Robert Brian MORISON (33516)
John Edward NEWTON-CLARE (33492)
Richard William PYE (33517)
George Henry Monteith RIDDELL (33519)
Frank Anthony ROBINSON (33520)
Donald Charles SHARMAN (33529)
Samuel Anthony Compton SIBLEY (33548)
Timothy Norman SMYTH (33550)
Maurice Michael STEPHENS (33522) Ex 581769
Peter Charles Fasken STEVENSON (33521) Ex 581771 (Tasker not Fasken on Air 78)
Cyril Bernard TEMLETT (33530) Ex 581773
Kenneth Thomas Peart TERRY (33523) Ex 581774
Peter Cecil THOMAS (33552)
Peter William VAUGHAN (33495)
Rowland VEAL (33553)
Timothy Ashmead VIGORS (33554)
Ruthven Lowry WADE (33524)
Albert Edmund WHITWORTH (33555)

26th February 2016, 17:23
The 33xxx series were introduced in 1930. I think that the 581xx series were ex-apps. I have a complete list of graduates up to 82 entry.