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7th March 2016, 09:17
According to


This was

"29th September DH.9A J7812 No.39 Sqn Manor House, Gosberton No further information found. "

However, I think the date is wrong and actually Monday 20th Sept 1926. Can't confirm Patton-Bethune with 39 Sqn at present time, but all other info matches for Gosberton in time frame

Saturday 25 September 1926 , Lincolnshire Standard and Boston Guardian , Lincolnshire, England

Pilot Breaks Collar Bone, An aeroplane crashed into a stackvard at the
Manor House at Gosberton on Monday
afternoon and was completely wrecked, the Pilot
Officer named Douglas Howard Aubrey Claude Debonair Patton-Bethune, from Digby Aerodrome, had a marvellous
escape for he only sustained broken collarbone, the
loss of tooth and severe cuts to his face, leg, etc. Flying low one of the
wings and propeller caught in the top branches of one of the elm
trees skirting the Westhorpe-road anf then crashed into the
bean stack low down the opposite
side of the road. Messrs. Farr, S. J. W. Tunnard, Clifton many

others rushed the spot and at first feared the worst, tor the
pilot neither moved nor spike for short time, but when some
when some wreckage was removed and they began to poll
him by the shoulder get him out the pain made him call out. Luckily,
that although the machine, Havilland, was upside down, the
inside of the cabin was the right way and so was the pilot when
extricated. The crowd, which quickly assembled.
was much relieved see him walk away with the assistance of two
stalwart policemen. The wreckage was removed the next day.
The only part which would of any further use. were informed,
was his parachute strapped on the pilot's bock.

7th March 2016, 10:00

The Air Brirain DH4/DH9 File, page 240, has the following:

D.H.9A J7812 - 13 Sqn ('12'), crashed, Manor House, Gosberton, Lincs, 20.9.26



7th March 2016, 12:18

That's sorts all that out then..

maybe another DH.9A Loss 39 Sqn 29th September 1926"

and incidents and locations got mixed up



7th March 2016, 12:31

Simply a typo on the BCAR website perhaps?