View Full Version : The Supermarine Spitfire Mk. XVI - The British - SQUADRONS! No. 12

Phil Listemann
16th March 2016, 09:22

I'm pleased to announce the release of SQUADRONS! No. 12 - The Spitfire Mk. XVI - The British. The Spitfire XVI is one of the Spitfire mark to have been so far little covered in depth. It was actually a Mk. IX engined with an American built Packard engine but otherwise it was very familar to a IX. Used in the fighter-bomber role, from the UK with the Fighter Command or from the Continent with the 2 TAF, one of the main task given to the XVI would be the destruction of the V-2 sites located in Holland. This book gives the details of the operations carried out by the British squadrons, Nos. 66, 74, 127, 229, 602 and 603. This study doesn't continue beyond the summer 1945. Thirty photos and 5 colour profiles.


Many people in this forum have helped in various ways and I'd like to thank them once more.